The Marketing Science Behind Getting Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers

by Scott

Starting something new can be really tough…ask any startup founder.

What makes it easier is having a repeatable, proven system you can take and apply to replicate the results of people that you look up to.

Today we have a tactical guest post from our friend Wilson Hung on precisely how to implement a strategy on how to get your first 1k subscribers. This post on Marketing Science originally appeared on the blog.

Consider this a must read for anyone trying to build an audience and interested in what we’re calling “Marketing Science!”

Here’s Wilson…

Some of the most common questions I was asked at SumoMe were:

Which tactics did Noah Kagan (Chief Sumo) use to acquire 100,000 users in 6 months?
Which tactics did Sarah Peterson (Marketing …
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Picking High Leverage Investments for Your Time and Money

by Scott

Dude…you spend $500 a quarter on getting your blood tested?

Yes, I do.

Some of my friends think this is cray.

The truth is I’d happily spend double if that’s what it costed to be self-aware of my health.

One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about is my financial allocation of resources relative to time invested in certain activities.

I haven’t really heard anyone else think about spending like this, but to me this calculus makes sense.

There are certain things which we do everyday because we believe that the yield is worth the investment. Here are some examples:

Eating healthy for performance & longevity
Meditation for well-being
Exercise for performance & longevity
Working for financial resources

Now think about the time or resource investment in each …
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Book Notes: The Greatest Salesman in the World

by Scott

I just finished The Greatest Salesman in the World. It’s a fantastic, fun read about the quest of a lowly cattle herder to become the greatest salesman in the world under the tutelage of non other than the current greatest salesman of the world!

His training comes in the forms of learning to embody the lessons within 10 scrolls given to him by his mentor.

I read this book and it left me feeling so good. I honestly want to read it every day as just a general life guide to remind myself of principles for prosperity & success.

Below are my notes & commentary followed by summary of the 10 scrolls which a reader Alex Zozo showed me online.

Things I want to remember:

Principles stand …
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Introducing Troops – The Slackbot For Sales People

by Scott

This post originally appeared on the blog.

It wasn’t too long ago that my partners and I found ourselves obsessing over an idea for a product that we’ve always wanted. It would help us be more effective at what we’ve been doing our entire lives: hustling –or in a more traditional sense, “selling.”

In the world of technology that support sales and account management teams, the most commonly used software is a broad category commonly known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). If you’re not familiar, maybe you’ve heard salespeople at your company complain about having to use it.

It seemed crazy to us that despite the fact that there are now self-driving cars, the advancements in a category that pervades such a …
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LinkedIn Flirting: How to Automate LinkedIn Prospecting

by Scott

A little less than a decade ago Seth Godin popularized the term permission based marketing.

“Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.”

Opt-in email marketing is a seminal example of permission based marketing because users would opt into receiving information instead of just being blasted with it.

The metaphor I always think of when it comes to this topic is someone “raising their hand” to receive communication.

Whether we’re talking cold email or calls, if you’ve read this blog by now you know I’m huge proponent of outbound acquisition. The fact is most people aren’t actively looking for your solution which means you need …
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Notes And Ideas From The Last 7 Books I’ve Read

by Scott

Over the past few months, I’ve re-invigorated the habit of reading regularly. For a while I wasn’t reading because I “already had enough to do.”

I felt like didn’t need to consume any new information unless it was immediately actionable.

While the amount of stuff to accomplish hasn’t diminished, I felt like I was in a less creative period than in the past so I wanted to get in the flow of reading again.

For the past few months I’ve been doing non-fiction for 10 minutes every morning and then fiction or biographies before bed and it’s been great.

Here are the last 7 books I’ve read. Below the titles you’ll find my notes.

The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation  by Matthew Dixon, …
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How To Use SlideShare To Generate 1000’s Of Views And Rank On The First Page In Google In 30 Days

by Scott

One of the more underutilized tactics startups can use to drive traffic and leads is Slideshare marketing. Organic promotion mechanics, great SEO, and visual CTA’s…Slideshare has it all! In fact, I’m about to go ham and create a few myself.

My buddy Dave Gerhardt and the team at Drift have been absolutely dominating Slideshare so I bribed him to share the blueprint for how they created & promoted a presentation that reached the first page of Google in less than 30 days and still generates a ton of leads for them to this day.

Here’s Dave…


Back in October, I started working at Drift and was given one job from the founders: build us an audience. I’ve always worked in marketing roles (previously worked at HubSpot, Constant Contact and …
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Adding Value On Existing Interfaces

by Scott

Some of my favorite tools I use everyday take an existing interface and show me data on top of it that’s hard to see. I love this because I don’t have to change my workflow to get value.

Here’s a few examples and use cases sales and marketing folks might find relevant:

Conspire Chrome Plugin

A key way I use LinkedIn is to get introductions to companies I’m trying to pitch using the 2nd degree connection feature.

There is just two problems:

Not everyone who knows each other is always connected on LinkedIn
Sometimes, you might have 20 connections to someone and you don’t know which person to ask for an intro

This company Conspire became very useful when they released a chrome plugin that sits on top of LinkedIn and …
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