My 2013 Goals

by Scott

I read a post recently by one of my favorite blogger’s Noah Kagan on his 2013 goals that inspired me to do the same.

My framework for creating this list started by defining the most important areas of my life. Mine are:

Personal Development
Career Development
Family / Personal / Social Well-Being

Within each area, I defined a high-level aspiration than crystallized that into a more defined goal that I’d actually be able to measure/complete. For some of the more general things this was tough to do. I also defined why I wanted to achieve that goal so that I could make sure it was truly in alignment with the 6 areas of my life that important to me. Stepping back to ask why typically leads …
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One Mistake that Can Crush (BD) Pipeline Dreams

by Scott

Prior to SinglePlatform, one of my biggest business development mistakes was failing to include a measure within my hitlist that allowed me to prioritize opportunities.

For those foreign to the concept, a hitlist (or pipeline) comprises of all of the companies that you could potentially partner with, sell to etc. It’s essentially a list of targets.

Inevitably there are going to be some target deals that move the needle for your company more than others. Doing a deal with Google, will probably make your company more valuable than doing a deal with a startup that may not be around in a year. Thus, as you build out your hitlist it’s important to be able to quantify how much value opportunities might drive …
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Free Business Development Class on Udemy

by Scott

I’ve just posted a free business development class on Udemy called “BD 101: How to Get Meetings With Any Company.”


The  focus of the class is how to go about getting meetings with people you don’t know. This class is ideal for entry level BD/Sales people who will need to maverick their way into getting in the door or people who think they might want to work in business development at a startup.

The class is broken down into 5 video lectures spanning just under an hour:

Introduction to the class and setting yourself up for success
Finding and identifying decision makers
Introductions and how to ask for them
Cold email tactics and scripts
A primer on effective cold calling (includes scripts)

I originally taught this …
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A Favorite LinkedIn Hack

by Scott

I’ve been playing LinkedIn like a keyboard this week and thought I’d share one of my favorite LinkedIn hacks.

An essential task when building out a hitlist is identifying the first and last name of the decision maker. I’ll use this information to figure out their email address and have a name to call.

Let’s say I’m trying to connect with an app developer at the NFL. Unless you have a tricked out LinkedIn account, you’ll often run into this….


I need to get Marco’s last name in order to contact him and don’t feel like shelling out a couple hundred bones. A simple trick you can do here is google the target’s name and title as it appears in this profile.



Would you look at that!? …
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The Lost Art of Isolated Thinking

by Scott

Hurricane Sandy has been a pretty thought provoking experience. Some of things that have occupied my mind over the past 2 weeks:

I’m so incredibly fortunate that family, friends, and colleagues are safe.
We are not in control, no matter how hard we try to be.
Times of desperation bring out the best in some people. They also bring out the worst in others.

Amidst the power outages and abandonment of common conveniences, I was reminded of a rampant epidemic amongst our generation: many of us hate isolated, directive thinking. In this instance, I’m referring to dedicating time to just think about something without the presence of external stimuli like media, work, or the vortex of distraction commonly known as the Iphone.

We’re so incredibly …
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Body Hacking: Stronger and Leaner in 20 Minutes A Week

by Scott

I’ve gotten marginally stronger and lowered my body fat by working out 20 minutes a week for the past 2 months. As someone who trained 5 days a week during high school and college, this self experiment has been pretty mind-blowing.


The genesis of this experiment came from an excellent book on fitness and reaching your physical potential called Body By Science (affiliate link with proceeds to charity). My summation of the content doesn’t quite do the book justice, but I’ll attempt to outline some of the higher level principles that initially intrigued me as well as my results.

The Big 5 Workout

The prescribed regimen in Body By Science is called the Big 5 Workout. It’s 1 Set of 5 different lifts once a week: Bench, Pulldown, …
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Tricks to Build Relationships When Meeting Influencers

by Scott

How many follow-up emails do you think influential entrepreneurs, investors, and authors receive after going to a heavy networking event like a dinner, conference, or retreat?

If they actually hand out cards, my guess is a ton.


I’d like to share a few props and tricks that I use to create an interesting excuse to continue the dialogue after I meet an “A Player.” Before I talk guerrilla networking tactics, let’s paint a picture of how most people treat these interactions in order to understand why these untraditional tactics can be effective.

After their initial conversation, the typical networker asks the “A Player” for their card so they can send a follow up email to establish the connection (Score!). The next day they …
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