An Interview With Alex Banayan: The Guy’s Got Hustle

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Today I bring you an interview with my buddy Alex Banayan, a 20-year old VC and author for Crown Publishing (Random House).

Alex Banayan
In this interview Alex reveals:

  • How we landed a VC job at 19 with Alsop Louie Partners and leveraged the power of authenticity to do it.
  • The advice that the President of Microsoft gave him
  • Details on his new book that he hopes will shape the minds of the next generation
  • How he funded the initial book writing process and travel (hint: involves sail boats and Drew Carey)
  • An awesome story on how he hustled his way to get a meeting with the CEO of Toms Shoes (and a personal story from yours truly on the “creating serendipity technique”)
  • The lesson that his greatest mentor told him


Pardon the half asleep eyes in the intro. I shot it at 6:30am  after a 3-day work trip to Vegas  : )


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If you enjoyed this interview, you’re going to love Alex’s book. Sign up for updates on his personal website You can also check him out on twitter here.



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