Come hang: Closing Business Development Deals and Avoiding Blunders

by Scott

I’m teaching a one-time class with one of my closest friends Ryan Denehy  on August 7th, at 8pm at We Work Labs.

The class / jam session is called Making It Rain In Business Development: Closing Business Development Deals and Avoiding Blunders (details below crazy awesome event picture).

Photo Credit: Denehy’s Legit Design Skills

A few reasons why I’m stoked to teach this class:

We plan on giving real-life stories from the trenches on both successes and failures (so you can learn!)
I’ll be sharing a few tactics I’ve never shared before on my blog etc
This is the first time I’ve spoken on “closing”
If you can’t tell by the photo, we plan on making this fun and entertaining. We’ll probably be drinking beers too (club soda adventures …
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Sleep Hacking: How to Sleep Better

by Scott

I’m constantly trying to optimize my sleep.

Why you ask? So I have can as many waking hours of the day to do the things I love and be productive while maintaining a high energy level and healthy lifestyle : )

I compiled some of my learnings into a slideshare presentation called Sleep Hacking: How to Sleep Better. It’s a primer to a new online course I’m teaching on How to Have More Energy and Spend Less Time in Bed. Take a gander:

Sleep Hacks: How to Sleep Better from Scott Britton

Do you know someone who wish they could sleep better, desires more energy, and/or is constantly trying to optimize their life? Share this with them so they don’t miss out …
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BD 101: A Lesson Learned About Commitment

by Scott

About 2 weeks ago, I realized I made a huge business development mistake that could have easily been avoided.

Rewind to mid-December: I connected with an ideal prospect via a cold call that told me to reach back out in the new year. Immediately following the call I made an annotation to call them back in the new year so that I remembered.

It’s early January. Jogging through my hitlist, I see the note and excitedly decide to reach back out. I start constructing an email that read “I just wanted to circle back on connecting like we chatted about on Dec 12th”….and then it hit me:

Someone who receives 40 cold calls a day like this person probably has no recollection of …
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What 100 Posts Has Taught Me About Blogging: Part 2

by Scott

This post is the 2nd part of series that outlines things I’ve learned post 100 notches on my blogging belt. Pun, anyone?

The first post provided insight into what I’ve learned about continuity and how to avoid heading to the 19th hole after 4 posts. Here I’ll outline the process I’ve arrived at and why I’ve found effective.

Before Writing the Post:

My workflow is heavily reliant upon a moleskin notebook and google docs.

Everywhere besides places I have to wear fancy pants, I carry a moleskin notebook to record ideas, thoughts, and observations. A lot of this serves as ammunition to store in my blogging war chest. Every 2-3 days I review and transfer my notes from my moleskin to a series of …
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by Scott

I LOVE trying new things and am addicted to the upside that accompanies the unknown. But when faced with too many choices, my adventurous aspirations relinquish and I find myself retreating to familiarity. I noticed this multiple instances over the past week:

Dinner at Gracefully – The market at my house has 30+ different sandwich options. I looked at the menu chock full of interesting combinations for 5 minutes and ended up ordering a boring italian hoagie.

Restaurant Recommendation App – This app recommended 10 places to eat dinner in East Village. After looking at each one, I ended up going to someplace I’ve been before that wasn’t even recommended by the app.

Why does this happen?

My mindset as a consumer …
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Reflections: 2 Months of Carrying A Moleskin

by Scott

Its been just over 2 months since I’ve started carrying a small moleskin notebook everywhere I go. I have it on me at all times to record ideas, thoughts/themes I want to remember, and action items. This practice has been profoundly enriching and I’m proud to say I’ve devoured 2 1/2 full books over this time period. In the process, I’ve made a few observations about the practice that I’d like to share:

Creating Room to Think
One of the amazing things about using a moleskin to capture fleeting thoughts, is that you give yourself permission to stop focusing on something. Often we think of something that we don’t want to forget and spend an unnecessary amount of time focusing on remembering it. …
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This Country Needs More Leaders Like This

by Scott

Although I like to primarily harbor content I created on this blog, its important to expose this to as many people as possible. This country needs more leaders like this. Please watch.

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Digital Real Estate and Creating Personality Within Products

by Scott

Value creation from real estate is not limited to property in the offline world. It exists across web platforms we interact with on a daily basis. The obvious opportunities exist anywhere we can create content. From short bursts to long-form writing, tangible value is created atop digital real-estate.
Each piece of online content serves as a potential touch point for value creation: a potential sale; a relationship; a partnership; the list goes on. People are very good at using content to bridge knodes of connectivity to create these things.
What I find interesting is the amount of online real estate people aren’t leveraging effectively. Money is being left on the table. Every piece of digital real estate is a chance to make …
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