I’m Teaching A New Skillshare Class on Business Development

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I just posted a new class on Skillshare called Business Development: Going In Cold

About The Class

This class is an entry level Business Development/Sales class focused on how to go about getting meetings with people you don’t know. This class is ideal for entry level BD/Sales people working at startups who will need to maverick their way into getting in the door or anyone interested in this role at a startup.

In this class I’ll teach the basics of:

  • Building A Pipeline
  • How to Identify Decision Makers and Play LinkedIn like a Keyboard
  • How to Find Anyone’s Contact Information
  • How to Write a Cold Emails that Actually Gets Responses
  • How to Ask for Intros Without Being A Toolshed
  • Cold Calling Strategies* – Cold calling will always suck, but this is a methodology that makes it suck less
  • Case Studies of Unconventional Tips and Tricks to Get Your Foot in the Door

If you’re interested in Business Development for startups, I think this is worth a look. I’ll be sharing many of the things I’ve learned from master BD sensei Kenny Herman and my time in the startup scene. Check it out here

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