Why To Avoid LinkedIn Messages

by Scott

A lot of people in my Skillshare classes ask me whether you should send LinkedIn messages when reaching out to prospects?

Short answer: avoid this at all costs.

In this video below I discuss WHY reaching out someone on LinkedIn hurts your chances of getting a response and the framework I use to determine which method of communication is best for engaging prospects.

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In general, I almost always approach people via email because that is where people I do business with interact with contacts they know and trust. That’s the bucket you want to be in – not the random people from Indonesia asking you to join their mastermind group of 28,678 “strategic consultants.”

Using one of the methodologies in this post on …
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How to Find Email Addresses

by Scott

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Being able to start a dialogue with anyone in the world is a super power…

In today’s environment, email seems to be the easiest way to do this.

This post reveals 11 tools and methodologies to find anyone’s email address once you’ve got the name of the person you’re trying to reach.

Rapportive trick:

The first stop for me is the rapportive trick. When I enter the correct email in gmail, rapportive will often populate my target’s other digital profiles. To guess the correct email I start by plugging in popular email syntaxes followed by the company’s domain name:

first initial +last name@companyname.com

last name@companyname.com

first name@companyname.com

first name+last name@companyname.com

first initial+last initial@companyname.com

first initial+last name@companyname.com

first initial.lastname@companyname.com

first initial@companyname.com

If Rapportive populates a profile, I know …
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