Strategies and Tactics to Close the Deal

by Scott

This post is about strategies I’ve used to close the deal.

One of the biggest challenges in sales and business development can be inspiring urgency to get a deal done. Just because someone perceives value in your offering, doesn’t mean they’ll make it a priority.

There are a number of tactics I’ve used to push deals through the finish line. Though most of these have been in the context of API partnerships, these strategies can be effective in many situations.

The Press Bait

One way to expedite a conversation is by baiting a prospect with a potential press opportunity. Only do this if you actually plan on doing a press release at some point. Here is an example script that demonstrates more precisely what …
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Sleep Hacking: How to Sleep Better

by Scott

I’m constantly trying to optimize my sleep.

Why you ask? So I have can as many waking hours of the day to do the things I love and be productive while maintaining a high energy level and healthy lifestyle : )

I compiled some of my learnings into a slideshare presentation called Sleep Hacking: How to Sleep Better. It’s a primer to a new online course I’m teaching on How to Have More Energy and Spend Less Time in Bed. Take a gander:

Sleep Hacks: How to Sleep Better from Scott Britton

Do you know someone who wish they could sleep better, desires more energy, and/or is constantly trying to optimize their life? Share this with them so they don’t miss out …
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Breaking into Tech, Building a Brand, and BD with Alex Taub

by Scott

I’m pumped to announce I’m starting a new interview show. I’m aiming to interview people who’ve done really cool things in order to expose their knowledge to others.

My first interview is with Biz Dev pro Alex Taub. In our interview he reveals:

How he “broke into tech”
The most important thing he’s done for building his person brand
One major reason he left to join Dwolla
What BD means at Dwolla (for him)
The one thing he wish he knew when he started out in the tech space

This interview also reveals how excessively I move my eyebrows when I talk. Geez. Going to work on that for next time.


[leadplayer_vid id=”5155E25402F51″] 

My next interview will be with “America’s Youngest VC” Alex Banayan. Subscribe here or follow me on …
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BD 101: A Lesson Learned About Commitment

by Scott

About 2 weeks ago, I realized I made a huge business development mistake that could have easily been avoided.

Rewind to mid-December: I connected with an ideal prospect via a cold call that told me to reach back out in the new year. Immediately following the call I made an annotation to call them back in the new year so that I remembered.

It’s early January. Jogging through my hitlist, I see the note and excitedly decide to reach back out. I start constructing an email that read “I just wanted to circle back on connecting like we chatted about on Dec 12th”….and then it hit me:

Someone who receives 40 cold calls a day like this person probably has no recollection of …
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How to Find Corporate Phone Numbers

by Scott

I’ve been doing some smiling and dialing recently and thought I’d share some free resources to find corporate phone numbers. I’m listing these in the order of how I approach finding one. The hierarchy of this list is determined by a combination of accuracy and speed.

1. Company Website

I’ll spare you a proverbial explanation. Many company sites contain the corporate phone number on the “Contact Us” or “About Us” page.

Note* it’s important to understand that many phone numbers on company sites are customer service numbers instead of corporate office numbers. Make sure the number explicitly reads as “Corporate Office” or “Headquarters”.

2. has pretty accurate phone numbers. Their data set isn’t as robust as some other sources, but you can search …
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Unforeseen Benefits and Why I’m So Happy I Started A Newsletter

by Scott

When I set out to start a newsletter, I had absolutely no idea about many of the benefits I’m now receiving. I wanted to share some of the less obvious perks of starting a newsletter.

A Reason to Email People You Want to Meet

I try to feature the best articles I’ve read each month that relate to business development. Many times, these articles are written by badasses I want to meet (crazy coincidence).

Something that David Siteman Garland taught me is that this scenario provides a great reason for me to email the authors. Specifically, I’ll shoot them a note to let them know that I featured them. I sent the following email and got a great response:

Hey X,

Happy new year!

Just wanted …
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Awesome LinkedIn Hack: Part Dos

by Scott

I’ll make this short and sweet. I previously wrote about how to find prospect’s full name when you encounter a private profile like the example below (sorry Marco for using you as a a guinea pig!).


Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t always work because some people choose not to display their public profile…sigh.

Fear not! I found a work-around that almost always solves this problem. Check out the brief video below to learn this tactic.

Note* if have trouble viewing the presentation it’s because  BContext files might not work with older versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox…update that guy.


Linkedin Hack Addendum

Do you like Lifehacks and creative ways to do things more efficiently? Check out my online community HackingNYC where hundreds of people share their …
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How to Leverage Partners You Don’t Have Yet

by Scott

I recently had an interesting business development conversation with a founder that I thought others might find interesting.

His company is just about to finalize a deal with their first marquee partner. He was wondering at what point he should start using their name in conversations with other prospects.


The social proof of another of big name in the space is tremendously valuable for them. It provides optics that can be leveraged to attract new partners/customers. Thus, the earlier they can take advantage of this the better.

One (dangerous) Approach:

You could start telling other prospects that you’re working with the partner despite the fact it hasn’t been finalized.

The upside is that you might be able to expedite landing additional partners.

The downside is that …
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