Startup BD and Channel Partnerships with Andrew Dumont, Director of BD at SEOmoz

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I recently had the chance to chat with Andrew Dumont, director of BD at SEOmoz.

Andrew Dumont

I’ve been following him from a distance after discovering his blog so it was awesome to get some facetime to rap BD, life, and other coolness.

In this interview we talk about:

  • His introduction to working in tech at the ripe age of 18 years young and various startup experience since then (Tatango -> Seesmic -> SEOmoz)
  • How to manage business development relationships when you’re company pivots…a lot
  • What the heck business development at SEOmoz actually means
  • How he evaluates channel partnerships and the expected conversion rate he anticipates for channel deals. A lot of startup founders need to understand this if they pursue this distribution strategy
  • The greatest learning he’s had from bringing his side hustle Stride to market. Stride is simple sales CRM optimized for a small number of high value deals vs. a ginourmous funnel fest – perfect for BD people
  • How he manages all of his projects/ambitions while still maintaining balance. I appreciated this insight mucho.


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If you prefer audio so you can download this onto your phone and listen to this in transit like a productive little bee head, grab the interview on Soundcloud here

Andrew is a great dude and definitely someone to watch (hopefully from NYC in the next couple of years). I highly reccomend you check out his blog, Stride, and find him on twitter at @andrewdumont

Psst…if you enjoyed this interview, you can find all 7 other interviews I’ve done on this youtube playlist where I plan on posting all future interviews including one I’m really excited about in the next few weeks ; )


Show notes:

1. Avoiding Burnout article

2. Techcrunch Article about Seesmic

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