Ascending the Map of Consciousness and Its Implications (4 of 7)

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This post is part 4 of a 7 part series on my personal experience working with applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and David Hawkins Map of Consciousness. 

  1. My Unexpected Journey in Muscle Testing
  2. If Muscle Testing and Consciousness Had A Baby
  3. Quantifying Consciousness Using the Map of Consciousness
  4. Ascending the Map of Consciousness and Its Implications
  5. Measuring & Understanding My Own Consciousness
  6. Emergent Phenomena Consistent with the Map of Consciousness
  7. Measuring the Consciousness of the World Around You

These posts are not my prescriptions on how you should live your life or make decisions. I share these thoughts and experiences not to gloat or cast judgment, but rather to feel the joy of creatively expressing myself and to potentially help others on a similar journey.

When anyone encounters the map of consciousness, undoubtedly the first thing that everyone wants to do is measure themselves. Obviously, I did this!

This can be interesting. But cooler than some readout was the revelation about the nature of reality that emerged as I began to study, contemplate, and use the map.

What working with the scale really cemented in my own life was the notion of the context of someone’s consciousness.

Each human has a completely unique collection of experiences and imprinting which shape their attitudes, thoughts, feelings, situations, and relationships. This is their paradigm. 

Thus, it can be said that each person perceives, experiences, and interprets the world and its happenings through their level of consciousness which is how they make meaning out of anything.

It can be hard for someone to understand they are just experiencing everything from a paradigm. The mind tends to rationalize their own experiences and interpretations as a representation of ultimate reality vs. a subjective reality. Thus, each individual person walks around thinking what they experience is what other people experience too…this is why people think they are right!!

Take a minute to think about this.

This mere fact alone is responsible for every war that has ever emerged. It’s responsible for all the divisiveness that we currently are engaged in as a society…every fight or argument you’ve ever had. All the actors in these situations are simply acting in accordance with what they believe to be best based on their consciousness paradigm. 

With the revelation that every person is uniquely viewing the world from their inherent level of consciousness, compassion emerges. You realize all beings are simply doing the best that they can from their unique vantage point which is largely inherited unconsciously in their innocence. You also realize that trying to change people or compel them to join your fight is no longer required. 

It’s kind of like you’re in a pitch black room with night vision goggles, and you’re asking someone with eye plain glasses to see a butterfly in the distance…they ain’t going to see the butterfly!

You realize all beings are simply here having their own experience and it’s best to let them be as you go about your business. This does not mean you don’t authentically express yourself as I am doing here, but there is no attachment to whether this compels anyone else to do anything A.K.A. follow my beliefs, become converts, join my clan!

I have many family and friends in my own life that operate at the level of reason (c. 400). I know because I’ve tested them! 

There was a period during my spiritual unfolding where I wanted them to see things my way. In some cases, I even went as far as desiring to save them!

In retrospect, these desires were really patterns rooted in the belief of polarity (better/worse), desire to seek validation outside myself, and a yearning to be special…look at my spiritual achievements and how good my life is! You should do what I’m doing!

Conceptually, I’ve always known that people see the world from their own lens. But for some reason, it wasn’t until I went deep on the map that I moved from an intellectual knowing of this idea to an embodiment of the concept. This transformation caused the concept of polarity to be replaced by compassion that remains present even in what seems like the most radical scenarios.

It reminds me of the Jesus quote, “forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” ​​

In one of his books David provides a strong example discussing foreign relations between an integrous country and a terrorist group. ​​The integrous country (c. 400) can’t understand why the terrorist group (c. 100) doesnt’ behave fairly and honestly. And the terrorist group, can’t understand why the country behaves honestly. In fact, they think the idea of being honest is stupid and intellectually inferior. Both parties can’t understand the viewpoint and behavior of the other because they expect them to be operating in accordance with their own level of consciousness. 

This example illuminates how in any interaction the level of consciousness determines the perception, not the notion of an objective view. In this model of reality, there is no objective view! The idea of objectivity is predicated upon having a relative audience that operates at a similar level of consciousness. To quote David:

“The concept of “situational ethics” tells us that the right or wrong of behavior cannot be determined without reference to context”

One of the most triggering things for me for a long time was all the divisiveness in the world. I now see it for what it is and am at peace with it.

Ascending the Map of Consciousness

We are what we repeatedly do. – Aristotle (cal. 498)

Naturally the 2nd thing people want to do beyond knowing their own calibration is how to ascend the scale. I mean who doesn’t want greater levels of love, joy, and illumination!?

My personal experience is that there is no single, precise path to evolve to higher levels of consciousness. Some people like Eckhart Tolle just spontaneously wake up one day in complete bliss. Others spend a lifetime applying the lessons of Buddha meditating in a cave or live a life of service like Mother Teresa. And for some people incurring something extreme like a near death experience or severe illness provokes an expansion in consciousness. 

Despite the climb being what seems like a pathless path, I do believe there are some common universal patterns that one can apply. In his book, David provides an encompassing statement that reflects my own journey and the prescriptions of many great teachers:

Through spiritual alignment, intention, and devotion aided by meditation, contemplation, authenticated instruction, and truth, assisted by the energy field of an advanced teacher, great leaps of consciousness can occur unexpectedly.

In short, live a devoted spiritual life. 

If I were to break this down explicitly, it suggests that one must first really want to expand their consciousness and be committed to it. It is unclear to me whether this inner desire is karmic or can be manufactured by any human…all of which I believe are subject to the grace of a higher power. Jesus and Buddha claimed this path was available for anyone to choose. My experiential evidence suggests my own path was destined (Karmic). 

Once the desire and intent exists, you must seek correct wisdom and then apply it using practices that aid your actualization of the wisdom in everyday life. This is the process of taking the intellectual understanding of spiritual knowledge and through application, transforming it to experiential knowing and eventually embodiment. 

My friend Katilin sent me a great email that reminded me that a spiritual practice is called practice for a reason…this stuff requires practice to see results!

Authenticated instruction alludes to how muscle testing can play a role in helping us discern the integrity of any teacher and teaching.

Lastly, David alludes to the power of a dominant energy field of a teacher. 

Have you ever seen someone be in the presence of an alleged Guru? They cry and act like it’s the best thing ever. If not, go watch Wild Wild Country or something because it’s pretty crazy! This is an extreme example of the phenomenon he is referring to. 

From a scientific view, this event would be considered an example of entrainment. When two energies or vibrations are focused on a single object, the weaker energy tends to harmonize with the more dominant field, causing the object’s energy to take on the characteristics of the more powerful energy field. This is why people can feel so amazing in the presence of a great spiritual being.

I experience the phenomenon of entrainment with my teacher and even great spiritual texts. My entire body goes into a blissful state and mind becomes completely empty. This is very pleasant and can be helpful, but I would not consider finding a Guru to be necessary to ascend. Because all things are energy, you can experience entrainment merely by consuming high frequency information and avoiding garbage. This is what “woo” people mean when they talk about raising their vibration or calling things “low vibe.” Using the map as a tool to calibrate information is very helpful given the amount of misinformation present in society.

The last thing I will speak to is repeated action.

Your energy field (paradigm) will be reinforced or evolved based on how you respond to life. The way out of this is to align your repeated actions with the higher fields. This is way harder than it sounds because our actions are often unconsciously driven by patterns unbeknownst to our immediate consciousness. This is why working on the patterns is so imperative so we can begin to see the sun through the clouds and choose actions more consciously. 

One of the biggest challenges man faces as he attempts to summit the scale is that at each new level, the new paradigm expresses a new reward. For example, moving from being neutral to willing makes you feel empowered and optimistic. You are the owner of your fate and with this context, the possibilities for life are exciting. However, to move to higher levels of realization, you must surrender this new belief that you control life to arrive at the harmonious state of accepting life.

Life happens to me

Therefore, your desire to evolve must be greater than the desire to indulge in the rewards of your upgraded paradigm.

Although, I didn’t have such a map in my own journey and instead simply worked with a teacher removing the patterns (impediments) to developing the open heart qualities of unconditional trust, openness, love, gratitude, and reverence for reality as it is, I can see where having a more explicit map of the paradigm that must be surrendered would be infinitely valuable.

If you choose this path, a simple thing you can do is gut check your reactions and behaviors and understand if they are in alignment with the higher energetic expressionS. 

The entire thing can be somewhat paradoxical because the goal is to move from doing to being, but part of becoming involves repeatedly doing. 

The way I’ve been using it is for more directed recontextualization of reality. I currently calibrate in the energy of love but below unconditional love (c. 540). With the notion of consciousness wanting to expand, I anticipate opportunities to show unconditional love that will provide me with a choice that feels almost like a test. In my own life these tests have been dramatic events where people are acting nefariously. When this happens, I have a choice. I can choose to love and forgive this person, or I can choose another reaction like being threatened and angry at them.

The skilled spiritual student is able to see the purpose in these instances and recontextualize them very quickly in order to embody their desired paradigm. 

David Hawkins Map of Consciousness

If you look at the right side of the scale, you’ll see a section called “Process.” In my experience, this is more what happens at the various phases of evolution vs. a conscious effort you make. It’s not like at level c. 500, you say, okay, now it’s time to have revelation! Revelation just occurs naturally when you reach that phase. 

As I’ve tried my best to do these things, the progression and phenomenon of evolving world views, god-views, energetic sensitivities, and shifts in desires have unfolded naturally. There was no conscious act of me saying this is how I’m going to think about God now or anything like that. These transformations merely revealed themselves naturally as I kept growing…like the clouds moving to unveil the majesty of the sun that was always there!

This entire process of revelation creates a highly motivating feedback loop.

So with all that being said, if you choose this path, all you can do is follow your own spiritual direction and perform it to the best of your ability to ascend the scale. 

Take solace in the idea that we are all on our own evolutionary timeline and I trust the timing to be perfect! All will take it of itself though divine grace. 

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This post is part 7 part series on my personal experience working with applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and David Hawkins Map of Consciousness. 

  1. My Unexpected Journey in Muscle Testing
  2. If Muscle Testing and Consciousness Had A Baby
  3. Quantifying Consciousness Using the Map of Consciousness
  4. Ascending the Map of Consciousness and Its Implications
  5. Measuring & Understanding My Own Consciousness
  6. Emergent Phenomena Consistent with the Map of Consciousness
  7. Measuring the Consciousness of the World Around You

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