You’re About to Become Even More Badass and Development Life Momentum

Below are the following steps you’ll need to take to follow along for the next few weeks including the questions you’ll be asking yourself each morning…

If you haven’t watched the first video, please watch it here now.

After you’ve watched this watch the getting started one I’ve created for you.


Your Questions

These are the questions you will be answering in your letsduo everyday. You will copy and paste these questions from your note mechanism into letsduo then take a few minutes to answer them.

What decision or action(s) do you know you need to make and have put off?

What action makes you completely scared, yet you know taking it would greatly benefit your life?

What is the potential risk of taking this action?

Today I will create a better future by committing to…

Answer these questions  and prompts with total honesty and integrity. If something doesn’t come to you right away that you need to do or that makes you a bit nervous, sit with the thought for a moment…something usually comes.

Here is an example of how one of mine looks in letsduo:

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 8.14.31 AM

*Your questions might be slightly different, because I’m testing a few minor variations and this was from the first week I did this. You will also see mine each day for the next two weeks as this is a partner journal.

I have created a beneficial momentum builders bank where you can get idea of some of actions to take that might enhance your life here if you’d like:

Momentum Builders Bank

How To Make This A Habit

Step 1. Sign up for letsduo

You should have received an invite from me in the mail…its best to sign up using that invite

Step 2. Bookmark letsduo and make it easy to see and remember each day



I bookmark this URL – and add it to my browser so it’s clearly visible

Step 3. Commit to adding this practice using letsduo to your morning routine

Assign a time in the am before you start all your activities that you’re going to take 3-5 minutes to complete this exercise each day. If you have a morning routine, stack it somewhere in that routine.

*I do this after I shower, meditate, read, and stretch and before I do anything else.

Step 4. Copy and Paste Questions into letsduo each day

Identify a word document, sticky notes plugin, or something handle that you can copy and paste your questions into each day. This will be where you can easily access your questions and copy and paste them into letsduo

I like QuickNote and Chrome Notepad. Stickies for Mac also works well for me.

Step 5. Answer your questions in letsduo with complete self-honesty and integrity

Someone once told me you only get out what you put in…

Guess what it’s true! The degree to which you are honest with yourself when answering these questions will determine how much positive change occurs in your life.

Step 6. After completing your questions, take action on these items either immediately or schedule time to do these things.

The questions bring awareness and get us to commit to taking steps to building a more awesome life, but change will never occur unless you take action on them.

Really try your best to take action immediately after answering them. Otherwise paralysis by analysis will set in and you’ll find excuses not to do what is important and uncomfortable.

Again, I find it easiest to make these things the first thing I do after answering them, but so long as you do them, that should suffice.

Step 7. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat

Wake up the next day, review the previous day to verify you took action on the things you said you would (because you’re a person of integrity!) and then repeat this exercise the next day.

Here is a video displaying this exact process in case you have any questions:



What will happen in my life if I do this everyday?

You build the super power of always doing what’s important and uncomfortable. Over time the reference experiences will result in a greater capacity to do the things that move the needle regardless of how scary they are. You’ll become a better leader, more confident, and possess unshakable integrity. Better people and opportunities will flow into your life because of the person you’ve become and this will create abundance in whatever form you decide to focus on.

This is sweet.

What happens if I don’t do these things and I keep putting them off?

Nothing. You won’t reap the benefits, but you will start to develop an incongruence between what you say and what you actually do. For many of this, this force will cause us to change and start to take action! Sadly some people will give up and relegate the quality of their life experience to chance. What will you do?

Should I do this on weekends?

I take weekends off. You totally can if you want though!

Who can see my answers?

In this format, only me. Don’t worry, I won’t read too deeply into them. I just need to track whether you guys are doing this and show you guys mine for motivation + ideas.

I don’t have anything I can think of that I need to do that I’ve been putting off…what should I do?

Write out what the most important thing you could do to improve a certain part of your life is? Break that down into a first step

I don’t have anything that makes me nervous or scared…what should I do?

Really? You don’t have anyone you admire or lost touch with that you could reach out to? Here is a full list of challenges that generally create momentum and progress in your life:

Momentum Builders Bank

I want to invite another friend to do this, what should I do?

Email me – [email protected]

You could also just have them sign up at

Why do some people from the LLL Mindshare group have different questions than I do?

Because I’m testing small variances to see what is most effective. ALL of the variances work, I just want to see what works best!

Comments, Questions or Feedback?

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