“Break Into Biz Dev” Course Sneak Peak

Hola! Below are just some of the questions that will be answered in Break Into Biz Dev – an exclusive online course on How to Land a Startup Business Development Job and burst onto the startup scene.


Questions we’ll be answering:

  1. What exactly is Business Development?
  2. What are the three types of BD relationships?
  3. What are some examples of business development relationships between startups?
  4. What is the difference between Business Development and Sales?
  5. What makes a strong business development person?
  6. What are the characteristics of a weak business development person?
  7. What challenges does a biz dev person typically have to overcome to be successful?
  8. How does one identify and get the attention of the decision makers of a company?
  9. How does one actually push the deal through the finish line?
  10. How does one get things done in a startup?
  11. What makes BD people lose deals?
  12. How does one shepard a relationship to the finish?
  13. Why is it important to have good social skills and be able to make friends with people one does business with?
  14. Does one need to be a lawyer in order to work in Business development?
  15. Where is the best place to start a Business Development career if one has no experience?
  16. What does someone in a junior BD role typically do?
  17. When do companies bring on a junior BD person?
  18. Why do people are startups perceive someone who has no experience as a potential risk to hire?
  19. How does someone overcome the perception that he/she is a risk?
  20. How do founders typically approach handling incoming candidates and resumes?
  21. Why should one use a gmail email account?
  22. Why should one have accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter?
  23. What good comes from starting a blog?
  24. Why and how should one learn the startup language so you sound credible?
  25. Who should you follow on twitter?
  26. What podcasts are worth listening to?
  27. How does one overcome the signal to noise challenge when approaching getting a job at a startup?
  28. Why is it important to build a great network?
  29. How does one go about building their network?
  30. What mindset is most effective when going to build out there network?
  31. How do you add value to others so that they want to help you out?
  32. When should you make an introduction between two people? How do you do this effectively?
  33. Why should one avoid shotgun introductions?
  34. How can you use feedback to build relationships with startup CEOs?
  35. What does good feedback look like and why is it so important to do this properly?
  36. Where are places where one can promote someone?
  37. Why is supporting someone on social media so important? How do you do this without seeming annoying?
  38. Why is balance important when promoting someone?
  39. What are some useful tools that can help one out with keeping up with people/companies?
  40. How can you identify direct needs that a company or person might have which you can help them with?
  41. Where can you find people to network with?
  42. Who are the first people you should begin building relationships with that might be able to help you break into tech?
  43. How does you find out who in their network is involved in tech?
  44. How can meeting up with someone who isn’t in BD still be useful?
  45. How do you get the most out of each interaction with new connections?
  46. What is the most important question you should ask someone after getting together with them for the first time?
  47. How do you network with someone when you don’t have an existing relationship with them?
  48. Where can you find people to network with?
  49. How do you effectively interact with people at events?
  50. How do you parlay meeting someone at an event, into an in-person meeting?
  51. What are some opportunities where there might be potential for a relevant introduction to be made?
  52. What should the first interaction with someone new consist of?
  53. How do you follow up with someone effectively after an event so they not only remember you, but want to get together with you?
  54. Why should you always leave the door open for someone to say “no” when asking them to meet up?
  55. How do you get someone excited to meet with you? (and why this is so important)
  56. What is the efficient and effective approach to networking? Think 80/20 rule
  57. What is the biggest thing that most people fail at when it comes to building strong relationships with badasses?
  58. What is a super connector and how do you identify them?
  59. Who should one target to build relationships with as someone who has little experience and street credit?
  60. Where can one find the up and comers in tech? How do you befriend them?
  61. How do you send a cold email to someone you haven’t met that you want to build a relationship with?
  62. How do you convince someone whose never met you to get together?
  63. How often should  you touch base with someone to warm a relationship?
  64. How do you remember to consistently interact with people you’re trying to build a relationship with?
  65. How do you overcome the perception that hiring you is a risk?
  66. Why is starting a project such a good idea?
  67. What are some examples of projects you could create?
  68. Why would anyone want to read something of someone’s when they have no street credit or background?
  69. How could starting meet-up events be beneficial?
  70. What are some examples of people who’ve successfully used projects to land business development jobs?
  71. What is the reactive approach to landing a BD job?
  72. What is the proactive approach to landing a BD job?
  73. What is the proof approach and why is it one of the most effective strategies to landing a BD job?
  74. How can internships lead up to bigger and better things?
  75. What is the traverse technique and how can people use it to land a BD job?
  76. What are some ways to nail the interview?
  77. What should one avoid during the interview process?
  78. What are road flare recommendations?
  79. How does one ask for a road flare recommendation?
  80. How can one prove themselves during the interview process to de-risk themselves as a hire?
  81. What are some ways one can be unique and stand out from the crowd?
  82. What if someone follows all of this and they still don’t get hired?
  83. What is the art of patient persistence in the interview process and why is it so important?


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