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Reverse Engineering Success With Noah Kagan – TCE 002

by Scott

You ever encounter someone that just seems to make you grin?

Well today’s guest on The Competitive Edge has definitely been one of those people on the interwebs for me.

I’m super excited to have Noah Kagan Chief Sumo of on the show.

I’m not sure how I found Noah exactly, but as soon as I started digging into his entertaining AppSumo emails, products he was creating, and vulnerable interviews, I started rooting for him.

This guy is hilarious, smart, and has personality all of which make for a great episode that you can check out below…


Noahism: “Uncertainty is your opportunity for growth” (tweet this)

What You’ll Learn By Listening

Mindsets and practices Noah uses to constantly improve his life
How to deal with rejection and some example stories
The process of “reverse engineering” …
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The Competitive Edge Podcast Is Here! Check Out The First 3 Episodes

by Scott

Today I’m ecstatic to announce the launch of my new podcast The Competitive Edge.

Before I get into the juicy backstory of how this all started on the heels of copious amounts of boxed wine, I first want to encourage you to do two things:

1. Check out the 3 episodes that are now available on Itunes

2. Leave a nice review if you found it enjoyable. Review it now

I plan on reading every single review and it will help me understand what elements you’re enjoying so that I can make this podcast as helpful to you as possible.

A big part of me starting this was also to inspire everyone out there just trying to figure it out like me. Positive reviews …
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How to Communicate To Get More of What You Want with Mike Hrostoski

by Scott
Mike Hrostoski

I’ve been trying to figure out what my next big project was for awhile…

Honestly it’s been a source of stress up until some recent clarity.

My “aha moment” came to me on the heels of my first trip to SXSW a few weeks ago.  I was drinking some complimentary boxed vino with my roomie Ben on the flight back to Rio rapping on questions like:

What activities currently excite me?
What would be the most fun and impactful thing that I could create with what I already have?
Would I be consistently excited about working on this for the next year?

I’ve been geeking out about self-improvement and figuring out how to create the most abundant life experience for myself and the people I care about …
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