Adding Value On Existing Interfaces

by Scott

Some of my favorite tools I use everyday take an existing interface and show me data on top of it that’s hard to see. I love this because I don’t have to change my workflow to get value.

Here’s a few examples and use cases sales and marketing folks might find relevant:

Conspire Chrome Plugin

A key way I use LinkedIn is to get introductions to companies I’m trying to pitch using the 2nd degree connection feature.

There is just two problems:

Not everyone who knows each other is always connected on LinkedIn
Sometimes, you might have 20 connections to someone and you don’t know which person to ask for an intro

This company Conspire became very useful when they released a chrome plugin that sits on top of LinkedIn and …
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15 Ways to Improve Software Demos

by Scott

Nothing is worse than a bad demo…

Even with a great product, a poorly executed sales demo can leave a permanent sour taste in your mouth about that company… and lots of aimless social media activity in the process.

My buddy Poya Osgouei who is a National Sales Manager at HackerRank put together a stacked list of best practices when it comes to preforming top notch Software demos.

Whether you’re a rookie or someone who wants a simple checklist, these 15 tips for improving demos serve as a great guide to make sure you’re dialed in. Enter Poya…


From leading and managing enterprise software sales teams at companies like Oracle and now HackerRank, I’ve learned a lot of lessons about what makes a strong demo.

Below are 15 suggestions that …
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How to Automate Personalized Email Outreach Without Breaking The Bank

by Scott

One of the big innovations in sales and marketing has been making personalized email outreach more efficient.

Today my buddy Nat Eliason from shares a completely free way to do this in the context of content marketing which he has absolutely crushed as SumoMe.

Many of the tools that I love like Salesloft, Outreach, and Tout cost $$ which mean they aren’t necessarily a great fit for someone who isn’t a full time sales development rep.

This alternative strategy for personalized email outreach Nat shares is awesome for making those one-off cold email instances more efficient when investing in a heavier solution like the ones above doesn’t make as much sense.

Enter Nat Dude…

The SumoMe blog has grown from 12,852 views last July, to 163,260 views this February. …
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Effective Cold Approaching and Follow Up At Conferences

by Scott

I was recently at Dreamforce, the largest enterprise software conference in the world. The goal was to connect with potential customers and future investors for Troops, as well as to get a better pulse on everything that is happening in the sales software ecosystem.

There’s a boatload of different tactics that can and should be employed at large conferences or events, and today I wanted to share two related to follow up and cold approaching busy people. 

Callback Humor

At conferences of this magnitude everyone is meeting a ton of people. Business cards are exchanged and sometimes you can meet 50 people in one day.

One challenge in these brief interactions is creating enough rapport that someone will want to hop on a call …
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