Introducing Cold Email Mastery

Dead Simple Cold Emailing Techniques That Just Work

It's about time someone shared non-slimy strategies that actually work...

From The Desk Of Scott Britton
-Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Dear New Friend...

Thanks for your interest in Cold Email Mastery.

I created this training because it's changed my life...and I felt like I needed to share it with other people.

...the things I'd do to get my hands on this when I was starting out!

So much has happened since then.

It's crazy to think about, and I feel incredibly fortunate.

Heck, I'm writing this from my apartment a few blocks from the beach in Rio where I live with my closest friends.

I moved here after the last company I was with sold to a public company.

But I didn't always feel this way.

In fact, I felt very different until I finally figured a few things out that I'm going to tell you all about below this paragraph...

Does This Sound Familiar?

Another day, another 50 times plugging in a cold email template I was told would work…

Except it wasn’t working.

I started with high hopes, but at this point I would have been ecstatic if I could get 2 or 3 people out of 50 to even respond.

And don't even get me started on convincing the people that responded to actually hop on the phone with me.

This was a far cry from the magic of cold emailing I was promised.

I thought I’d finally be liberated from having to incessantly hound prospects with my brand new “guru” template!

Another 6 months of slogging along like this would be an absolute nightmare.

This is reality for most sales and business development professionals.

I know because I’ve been there.

They hear that cold calling is dead and that now getting meetings with prospects is best done through cold emailing.

Thank the heavens....Cold Calling is the worst!

But what they didn’t know is that mechanically plugging in a cold email template that still yields low response rates and meetings that rarely stick isn’t reallyan upgrade.

Don’t worry there is a happy ending to this story…and I promise it has nothing to do with a new phenomenon called cold texting : )

A Far Different Story...

My team had done over 400 business development deals to build out the largest local publisher network on the internet…

We’d been acquired for 100 million dollars by a public company.

Our colleagues respected us and we carried ourselves with unshakeable confidence because we had become the best at what we did.

….It was a bit of a different picture than when we were scraping the bottom of the barrel to get meetings with anyone that would talk to us.

What changed?

How do you go from a few crappy deals to 400+ and one of the biggest acquisitions in New York?

To my initial chagrin, the gurus were right.

Cold emailing did work…

In fact, we found you could not only get more meetings, but also meetings with prospects that were EXCITED TO TALK TO YOU...if you did it right.

These results were uncommon because only an elite group knew something that everyone else didn’t.

Luckily we made our way to get on the inside.

Cracking the Code to Cold Emailing

Looking back the way we cracked the code to cold emailing isn’t that profound.

We just started trying things that no one else was doing and then iterating until our desired results became automatic.

Because 99% of people use the same hackneyed approaches, becoming a signal to noise wasn’t that hard.

I originally thought that we might have stumbled into a lucky sweet spot and the things we were trying just happened to resonate perfectly with our target audience.

But it didn’t take long to realize that our tactics were universally effective.

You see, as the company grew so did the range of our business development and sales efforts.

We started attacking other industries with new offerings and like clock work, the cold email frameworks we had devised were working…again.

Using my favorite cold email formula, we signed up over 60 of the biggest food service brands for a pilot in just 3 months.

Multiple were Fortune 100 companies.

Not bad for a startup that no one had ever heard of : )

It didn’t take long for my friends at other companies to start asking what the heck we were doing.

I love my friends. So I started teaching them the secret sauce.

Guess what happened?

They got insane results too!

I gleefully welcomed them to the insider’s club of people who were relishing in the unlimited power of cold emailing that most people usually only hear about...

But Don't Just Listen to Me...

Here’s exactly what they said in some emails after some of our “secret sauce” pow-wows...

Hey Scott - I used some of your tips to send a cold email to the CEO of a company we were interested in working with. I got a meeting set up and it went great. We’re close to working out a deal and they introduced my boss to an investor. Your tips were invaluable

Osman Sheikh, BusyConf

Thought you be interested. I used your “find anyone’s email” trick along with your cold-email tips to reach out to a billionaire public company CEO…he responded within 5 minutes…

Alex Binkley, FundingCommunity

Now It's Your Turn To Get the BluePrint

Today I want to invite you to take advantage of the cold emailing blueprint I gave all my closest friends and colleagues...

I called it Cold Emailing Mastery because you get to look over the shoulder of someone whose spent 1000’s of hours perfecting this, but can get the same results in a fraction of the time.

I would have done anything for this when I was starting out because I now realize how powerful it is to be just an email away from unlocking every opportunity you could ever want...

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Here's Just A Few Things You'll Learn

  • Proven ways isolate the primary stakeholder at prospect companies…even if the companies are enormous and incredibly opaque
  • The definitive guide to finding anyone’s email address so that you are always just 1 click away form anyone in the world
  • The most powerful cold emailing mindset you can apply to ANY cold email. Because this is borrowed from the world’s best copywriter,s this is something that mostly only marketers know about
  • A dead simple framework for crafting effective subject lines so that prospect’s always open your emails
  • Incredibly straightforward rules on length, tone, spacing, punctuation, and personalization to consistently maximize your email effectiveness
  • Six bullet proof cold email formulas including the infamous “Bandage Email Formula” which is responsible for initiating 200+ deals at my last company alone
  • How to create internal referrals for yourself at prospect companys…even when you don’t have a contact there
  • The most effective ways to overcome prospects not responding to your initial outreach emails
  • My favorite tools for automating multiple parts of the cold email process so that you can spend more time doing the fun stuff
  • The best email cadence to increase the likelihood that prospects respond
  • Proven maneuvers and scripts to disarm common rebuttals you’ll receive over email like "it's too expensive", "not a priority", or “we work with a competitor”

There’s a whole lot more, but I know you’re all about fast results and efficiency so I’ll stop here.

    How the Training is Laid Out

    Part 1: Introduction and How to Identify Key Stakeholders

    Part 1 of cold email mastery provides your foundation to the cold emailing process. You'll learn where to find prospects and how construct a pipeline that works for you. Then you'll learn 7 unique ways to identify the correct stakeholder or decision maker at your target companies. It's absolutely critical that you get this right and you'll learn exactly how in Part 1.

    Part 2: How to Find Anyone's Email Address

    In Part 2 you'll get the blueprint for finding anyone's email address. This will put you one click away from contacting anyone in the world that can supercharge your business - even the most hard to reach people. You'll learn 7 different tools and methodologies for accomplishing this and I'll also reveal why you should always approach prospects with email first, and avoid LinkedIn messages when possible.

    Part 3: Copywriting Secrets For Writing Cold Emails

    Part 3 reveals how you can use the mindsets of the best advertising professionals in the world to write incredibly effective cold emails.

    Adopting these frameworks will improve every email you send from this day forward. We'll investigate how you can use these principles to upgrade your subject lines and highlight some common mistakes that kill the chances of a response before a prospect has even read your email in full.

    Part 4: The Cold Email Rules of Thumb

    In part 3 you'll learn the most important fundamentals every cold email must have. We'll do a deep dive in best practices for email length, tone, punctuation, personalization, spacing, and even the use of symbols. Tying all these together will give you a winning foundation for constructing masterful emails that remain true to your personal style.

    Part 5: Winning Email Formulas and Scripts

    Part 5 provides proven cold formulas email formulas that you can begin using immediately.

    You'll learn about the infamous bandage email formula that was responsible for 100's of deals at my last company. You'll also get 5 more templates I've seen work time and time again. One of the templates involves a secret little trick you can do to create an internal referral for yourself at a prospect company...even when you have no existing contact here.

    This section has the ability to generate 10's of thousands of dollars for your business by itself. I think you're going to like it : )

    Part 6: Cold Email No No's

    There are certain things that are going to kill your chances of being successful no matter how effective the rest of the email is. The crazy thing is...I see these constantly when people email me!

    In Part 6, you're going to learn specific things you must always try to avoid in your cold emailing. We'll talk about attachments, first sentences, common punctuation mishaps, and even specific phrases that flat kill response rates.

    It's truly amazing how just a few tweaks can be the difference between getting the meeting of your dreams and remaining exactly where you are...

    Part 7: Mastering Common Rebuttals, No Responses, and Converting Initial Emails into Meetings

    In Part 7 you’ll learn how to take any response a prospect gives you and turn it into a meeting. We’ll talk about handling common rebuttals, no responses, and the appropriate follow up cadence for cold email campaigns.

    If you've ever had a prospect tell you they 'don't have budget', 'it's not a priority right now', or that they' work with a competitor', this section will give you everything you need to effectively turn them!

    When You Join Today You’ll Also Get These 5 Limited Time Bonuses

    The Ultimate Business Development Toolkit

    A field guide to all the best tools out there to optimize and improve your cold emailing and business development efforts. The tools in this guide cover everything from approaching prospects to keeping them warm.

    Positioning 101 Training

    You're going to get access to my step by step guide for positioning your product and company. This is absolutely critical to understand if you're going to be successful. Changing even just a few words, can make all the'll see what I mean inside.

    Navigating the First Meeting Training

    After you start using the strategies in this course to fill your schedule up with meetings, it's time to capitalize! This bonus video reveals how to effectively run an initial meeting in a way that leaves prospects itching to work with you. The tips in this video have made people I know 10's of thousands of dollars by themselves.

    Access to the Official Cold Email Mastery Community

    Connect with other ambitious and like-minded sales, business development, and marketing executives who are looking to take their game and company to the next level. Relationships are often the fastest way to grow your business and connect with your targets, and there's no better place to build them than a place where people are trying to master the same thing.

    7 Step-by-Step Action Guides

    All 7 parts come with step by step action guides so you know exactly how to implement everything you learn. Each guide is easy to follow and tells you exactly what to do so you get explosive results from this training.

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    What Do the Top 1% of People in Any Field Have in Common?

    Have you ever wondered about this?

    I sure as heck did.

    So I spent a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of this question...

    Here's what I found across the board: the most common trait of the top 1% in any field is that they invest in themselves.

    They understand that their most valuable asset is their time and that the fastest way to get where they want to go is learn from people who’ve accomplished what they want to.

    Here’s what some previous students that have invested in themselves have said about this course.

    "You'll Be Miles Ahead of Your Competition"

    I have used all of the techniques that Scott is presenting with great success. My knowledge is hard won as I did not have anything like this to help me!

    Take advantage of Scott’s excellent course and you will be miles ahead of your competition in getting to the right people, in any organization, for your products or services.

    -Ken Duggan

    "Super Informative Course and Excellent Investment"

    I’m only 2/3s of the way through and there’s already been several tips/tools covered where I’ve thought “wow this alone is going to save me so much time and potentially help me make way more than what I paid for this course”

    This class is a great investment for any entrepreneur. My only critique is its name…it covers so much more than just “Cold Emailing”! There’s a little lead generation, some sales psychology, copywriting, and more. I highly recommend it.

    -Huntly Mayo

    “Refreshing and Valuable”

    I’ve used cold emailing with great success in my business and I found Scott’s ideas refreshing and valuable. The course is well organized and well presented as well.

    Highly recommended for those involved in sales and business development.

    -Chris Bernker

    “You Can Start Using What You Learned 5 Minutes After”

    This is a relatively short but packed with useful information course. Unlike some more “academic” MOOC I find on line, this is very focused and go straight to the point.

    You can start using what you have learned 5 minutes after completing the course.

    -Roberto Saino

    "Not old, hacky salesman stuff"

    This is comprehensive, very in-depth, and just plain makes sense. It's not old, hacky salesman stuff that sounds awful (like "use the prospect's name several times!"). I definitely have learned a lot so far.

    -Chris Wnospan

    When I read these, I get all warm and fuzzy.

    But you know what I like ever better?

    When students forward me over a deal they won that originated with one of the tactics I taught them in this course.

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    But...Will This Work for Me?

    I don’t like to hawk products at people unless I KNOW that it’s going to have a massive impact like it did for my friends and the people above.

    So let me tell you exactly who this is for...

    This Course Is For...

    • Any sales executive, business development professional, or business owner that wants a massive shortcut to increasing the number of high quality meetings they get
    • People who’ve tried cold emailing before and have yet to receive the acclaimed benefits they’ve heard of
    • Newcomers who want a comprehensive guide of the entire cold emailing process so they can hit the ground running
    • Industry veterans who want to sharpen their spear with some refreshing approaches to connecting with prospects and cutting edge tools
    • Anyone who wants to be one send button away from starting a dialogue with anyone!

    I also wanted to give a non-bullet list shout out to people who’ve ever felt impersonal in their cold emailing efforts. 

    I think one of the reasons why the approaches you’ll learn in Cold Email Mastery are so effective is because I teach a framework that is human.

    This is different than the other stuff I’ve seen.

    There’s an army of cold emailing drones out there and you don’t have to be part of this brigade any longer!

    This Course Is NOT For...

    • People that don’t have an open mind about trying some unconventional techniques that are probably different than what they’ve heard before
    • People who will buy this, never implement any of the proven strategies, and expect their situation to change. The top 1% always does the work!
    • People who will accumulate all of this knowledge but are afraid to email people they don’t know

    So Right Now You Have A Choice...

    You can make this investment in yourself to get the competitive advantage and results you want or you can stay exactly where you are.

    I want you to do what you think is best for you.

    My personal belief for my life is its best to model the top 1% and take massive shortcuts by learning from people who’ve successful accomplished what I want to.

    So far it’s worked out pretty well : )

    I look forward to seeing you on the inside.



    Founder, and Creator of Cold Email Mastery


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    If for any reason, you are not pleased with the quality of this course, you can return it and receive a full refund within 60 days of purchase.