The Consciousness Conspiracy Unveiled: What’s Really Happening

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This Consciousness Conspiracy post was inspired after a conversation with my two good buddies Justin Mares and 

Nat Eliason last week. They both have substacks The Next and Infinite Play worth checking out.

consciousness conspiracy

“Compassion is only possible when understanding is there” – Thich Hanh

A common theme I continue to notice amongst some people seemingly on the spiritual path is an interest in conspiracy.

It’s like there is some notion that there’s a small group of elites or aliens that are out there trying to undermine the majority of humanity from thriving.

Some examples in our society that they might cite are things like:

  • The new U.S. food guidelines created by the National Institute of Health which states that sugary cereal is better for you then an egg, and ice cream is better then a piece of beef.
  • Censorship of vaccine researchers merely sharing clinical outcomes information on the efficacy of the vaccine.
  • The incomplete information on the effects of 4g + 5G and all the electrical waves  our environments have on our bodies despite the fact that in many of the countries that make these devices, people literally wear anti-radiation clothing to protect their babies.
  • Weather modification and geo-engineering programs such as the popular chemtrails debate which apparently intentionally deposits aluminum and barium into the air in order to change weather, making us and our soil sick.

I’m sure there are countless additional examples of different things going on in society like this that I don’t even know of which further drive this idea that there is some dark force conspiring against us. Many spiritual practitioners I work with distinguish between being a light-worker vs. the darker, more dense forces. Sometimes listening to this can feel like I am watching Harry Potter vs. Voldemort!

Is this all bullshit? Partially bullshit? All true and most of us are all wildly ignorant?

I don’t know, but I am certainly open to any possibility as I believe anything that consciousness can conceive of it can create. 

In any case, it doesn’t seem like getting amped up about people or beings acting nefariously against us is a good use of energy. 

When you view all of these situations, it seems like the most profitable approach is to try your best to be informed and encounter these circumstances with an open heart.  

To move towards compassion and peace, it feels like it is an imperative to understand the dynamic at play in the face of seeming injustice.

Every being, whether it is a politician, a saint, an alien, a dog, or a terrorist war lord is operating from their own subjective, internal paradigm which we call consciousness. It is the place from which they perceive all events of reality and make decisions which they believe represent the best choices. 

What is still largely unrecognized by most humans is that these internal paradigms can actually be wildly different as one evolves. Everyone thinks that everyone else’s experience is just like what they experience. This is a false misconception. There are many different levels of consciousness and at each stage of evolution there are commonalities in the expressions. Many great spiritual teachers like David Hawkins and Ken Wilber have alluded to this and I even have my own working model which I’ve shared before (below).

At very high levels of consciousness decisions typically emanate from love and unity.

In more survivalist expressions, the decisions that make the most sense are characterized by self-centeredness or enhancement; by doing whatever it takes to survive which in modern society can manifest in ways like grasping to accrue lots of power, status and money are which are perceived proxies for safety.

In both instances, both parties think they are doing the right thing.

This is why the concept of right and wrong is just a concept and not a fundamental truth of reality.

When someone is operating a greater level of awareness, they have the capacity to see the self-centeredness for what it is and the harm these behaviors may have on others. This recognition prevents them from taking these actions not just because of a protective should, but because it is the earnest desire of their heart.

In more survivalist stages of consciousness, one does not have as great of capacity to see the harm they cause others or even interpret it as a bad thing. These people often think their actions are doing themselves, their teams, and the world a service.

Unconsciously their consciousness constructs a narrative to justify whatever act is most aligned with self preservation even when it’s harmful to others. So in their minds they are doing the right thing vs. being evil. Radical terrorists killing people in the name of God would be an extreme example of this. But so would people like white collar politicians who choose personal aggrandizement over the well-being of others.

This is what is really going on. 

I do not believe it’s a bunch of incredibly evil people (or beings) doing terrible things and laughing along the way.

The truth is we have lots of people in various pockets of power that are operating at levels of consciousness that are more aligned to survival vs. contribution or transpersonal ways of being.

Humans have been behaving like this for thousands of years and gradually we have a higher percentage of people moving out of this way of perceiving reality. This is why at some point in our own journeys we eventually see that the evolution of consciousness is the evolution of the human species. The evolution of Consciousness which can be purposefully cultivated is the doorway.

So when we witness these actors behaving from survivalist expressions of consciousness, we can see that these are people that are just earlier on in their evolutionary journey. It is not better or worse. It just is. Kind of like a big fish eating a smaller fish to survive as a part of nature. It just is doing what it perceives it needs to do to survive.

It is unfortunate that many other people often suffer at the expense of this dynamic. I do not condone nor care to participate in many of these realities. I seek to be informed, make the best decisions for me and my loves ones, and move forward with my life. This doesn’t mean you need to be apathetic. Obviously, be intelligent and make decisions to protect yourselves. And if you feel inspired to make a change in society, that’s amazing!

But it does not seem like a good idea to create your own suffering by spending lots of energy by getting all worked up by this dynamic and acting like your are in a war. Being in opposition is the opposite of unconditional love, compassion, and unity that we so greatly desire to return to, whether we know it or not.

The real war is not against some dark forces in the outside world, but against your negative reactions which manifest from the imprints on your consciousness. Working on these is the only way you will create a peace treaty with all actors in the world.

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