Self-Improvement and Behavior Change With Jason Shen

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In this edition of the Life-Long Learner Show (that’s right I’m calling it a show now), I sit down with Jason Shen, Co-founder of Ridejoy and The Art of Ass Kicking.

Jason Shen

Jason is an accomplished dude across the board: National Champion Gymnast, Y-Combinator Alum, Stanford Grad. The guy has done some cool stuff which made this interview really fun to do.

In this interview we talk about:

  • Some surprising benefits of being authentic about your self-improvement journey
  • A primer on rejection therapy: what it is, why he did it, and how to get started if you want to push your comfort zone
  • How evolutionary biology plays a role in human behavior
  • The power of branding a “habit change” and how this can actually make behavior change easier
  • A compelling argument why willpower is more challenging today than ever before
  • Why “trying harder” when attempting to accomplish something is almost never the answer
  • Details on his new book “Winning Isn’t Normal”

Jason also tells a bunch of awesome stories which include writing mission statements at 13 years old, asking some guy at the train station for a bite of his croissant, and some interesting learnings from teaching a class at Stanford. Enjoy…

Just in case you prefer audio and want to listen to this on your commute, you also also access this full interview here on SoundCloud.

If you enjoyed this interview with Jason Shen, make sure to check out his awesome blog The Art of Ass Kicking as well as his upcoming book Winning Isn’t Normal.  You can find him on twitter at @JasonShen


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