How to Develop A Magnetic Personality With Jordan Harbinger – TCE 025

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Have you ever seen someone take over a room?

Perhaps there is a small crowd gathered around them, usually laughing as they hang on to every word…

Now you may think that this happens because of something they’re saying…but in reality, that’s rarely the case. These people are magnetic because of something they possess much deeper than that.

In today’s episode Jordan Harbinger comes on the show and we discuss the belief systems behind a magnetic personality and how you can go about developing them. Jordan has helped thousands of people with this and this is a teachable skill.

If you’re interested in becoming a more captivating person, tune in to this episode below. It’s a goodie.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • The number on thing that people aren’t aware of when it comes to presenting the best versions of themselves
  • What really drives our actions and thus results
  • The different types of social mindsets and concrete examples of how they manifest themselves in our interaction
  • How to reprogram our belief systems
  • Why people might want to invest in presenting the best version of themselves

Listen to the episode here:

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subscribe-to-itunes-black-325x118 Mindshare segment at the end:

Why we might want to be more relatable when we speak and my opinion on guys investing in themselves for dating coaching.

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For more on Jordan check him out on The Art of Charm Podcast and  on  Twitter @TheArtofCharm

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