Come hang: Closing Business Development Deals and Avoiding Blunders

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I’m teaching a one-time class with one of my closest friends Ryan Denehy  on August 7th, at 8pm at We Work Labs.

The class / jam session is called Making It Rain In Business Development: Closing Business Development Deals and Avoiding Blunders (details below crazy awesome event picture).

Jets Tigers Cash

Photo Credit: Denehy’s Legit Design Skills

A few reasons why I’m stoked to teach this class:

  • We plan on giving real-life stories from the trenches on both successes and failures (so you can learn!)
  • I’ll be sharing a few tactics I’ve never shared before on my blog etc
  • This is the first time I’ve spoken on “closing”
  • If you can’t tell by the photo, we plan on making this fun and entertaining. We’ll probably be drinking beers too (club soda adventures cheat day – I know, I know)
  • Ryan is one of my closest buds and a total stud. Check his company Swarm Mobile

So come on out and hang (tickets here). I think it’s going to be really fun.

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