Marketplaces, Managing A Pipeline and Biz Dev with Max Altschuler

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Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing my buddy Max Altschuler, VP of business development at AttorneyFee and previously BD at Udemy. Max is a GTD type of dude.

 Max Altschuler

In this interview we talk about:

  • How he started a business making American $money$ abroad right out of school before joining education marketplace Udemy
  • Insight into creating a process to build out the supply side marketplace for Udemy (hint – they leveraged outsourced labor!)
  • Critical elements to successfully managing a pipeline and the “apology technique
  • Ways they compelled teachers to take action on their verbal commitments to teach courses
  • Advice he’d give anyone whose looking to land a startup job
  • His new gig at Attorney Fee and what he likes about the business (profitable and bootstrapped anyone?)

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If you’re like me and prefer audio so you can listen to it on your phone we can do that here too…

Soundcloud link

If you know anyone interested in creative partnerships that appeals to the vibrant audience of lawyers that work with attorneyFee, definitely hit Max up.

I also highly recommend you check out his great blog MaxTalksHacks and follow him on twitter. Till next time.

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