My 2013 Goals

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I read a post recently by one of my favorite blogger’s Noah Kagan on his 2013 goals that inspired me to do the same.

My framework for creating this list started by defining the most important areas of my life. Mine are:

  • Personal Development
  • Career Development
  • Family / Personal / Social Well-Being
  • Faith
  • Finances
  • Health

Within each area, I defined a high-level aspiration than crystallized that into a more defined goal that I’d actually be able to measure/complete. For some of the more general things this was tough to do. I also defined why I wanted to achieve that goal so that I could make sure it was truly in alignment with the 6 areas of my life that important to me. Stepping back to ask why typically leads to more progress than blindly charging ahead. Lastly, I kept Singleplatform specific goals out of this because I didn’t feel comfortable stating them publicly.

I’m making this public for two reasons.

  1. Accountability. By putting this out there, it’s much harder to sweep this under the “maybe next year” rug when the going get’s tough.
  2.  Help. People are the fastest way to get where you want to go. By making my goals known, I hope to increase the capacity for others to help me out. No one is going to set you up with their beautiful friend if they don’t know you’re single ; )

SO HERE IT GOES. These are things I want to accomplish over the next year and why…

I want to be more:

  • fearless because fear it often what holds me back from great opportunities.
    • GOAL – keep a fear journal for atleast one month where I do something that scares me everyday and record it.
  • selfless because that will help me become a better leader/member of society.
    • GOAL – volunteer atleast once a month.
  • healthy because this is the foundation of my well-being.
    • GOAL – don’t drink for an entire month.

I want to develop more:

  • financial freedom to have more autonomy over my time and energy.
    • GOAL – pay off my student loans.
    • GOAL – have a steady side income stream of over $2000 a month by year end outside of my day job that requires less than 8 hours of work to create (skillshare, digital products)
  • thought leadership because cultivating an audience will help me when I go to start a company and allows me to spread my ideas. It’s also an asset I can leverage to get in front of people as a business development professional.
    • GOAL – reach 1000 blog subscribers.
    • GOAL – become a contributing writer for a major publication.
    • GOAL – guest blog for atleast 6 reputable blogs.
    • GOAL – interview atleast one person a month.
    • GOAL – grow hackingnyc to 500 members.
  • marketing saavy because I enjoy cultivating this and it will help me be in a better position when I go to start a company.
    • GOAL – create and market a new digital product.

I want to get better at:

  • owning my schedule and allocating my time towards the most essential tasks given my goals. “Not having enough time” is a product of lack of focus.
    • GOAL – get better at saying no.
    • GOAL – set up two times a week to have non-essential meetings and strictly adhere to this.
  • planning so that I am more intentional about how I spend my time and energy.
    • GOAL – adhere more diligently to my daily planner methodology every single weekday.
    • GOAL – take one hour out every week to plan my week and make sure I’m in alignment with my current goals.
  • exercising more willpower when I’m out of my routine or typical enviroment.
  • living in the moment because it’s important to be present.
    • GOAL – meditate every day for an entire month.
    • GOAL – spend one weekend every 2 months completely unplugged.

I’d like to spend more time:

  • traveling because I really enjoy this.
    • GOAL – travel to 2 new countries
  • doing planned activites with friends.
    • GOAL – take 2 weekend trips with friends
    • GOAL – joining a team with friends
  • volunteering because its important to give back and provides positive perspective.
    • GOAL – volunteer once a month
  • allocating time to my romantic life because who I choose to spend my life with is the most important decision I will ever make.
  • in fellowship with people in my church community because it makes me a better Christian.


Random things I’d like to do if I get time for it:

  • Start a video interview series
  • Create an llc that allows me to write off personal expenses
  • Start an annual party that benefits charity with friends
  • Gain 1-2 more professional mentors who have expertise in an area that’s in alignment with my goals
  • Host a dinner party once every 2 months
  • Create an event that people love
  • Crystallize exactly what I’d like to write a book on and start writing it
  • Speak at a local ted event (establish ideas/frameworks have i come up with that others may not know about)
  • Read some biographies of people that inspire me
  • Redesign my personal blog
  • Go to China to visit one of my best friends while he’s over there
  • Read a book on the pyschology behind confidence (I think a lot about building something that helps people acheive this)
  • Get the twitter handle Britton
  • Create a monthly business development newsletter
  • Get better at using virtual assistants
  • Create some content to sell on AppSumo
  • Create a skillshare class on blog hacks and/or some BD tricks

Places / Events I’d like to go to:

  • A landmark college football game
  • Iceland
  • Germany, preferably for Oktoberfest
  • A house concert
  • Yankees game (ridiculous I haven’t gone)
  • Jackson Hole or Lake Tahoe for some skiiing
  • San Diego
  • Thailand where the scene from the Beach is


My next step is to copy this on to a poster to hang in front of my desk and then do some planning on the calendar. What do you want to do in 2013?

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