My Moleskine Diet

by Scott - 3 Comments

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I’ve recently gone back on the moleskine diet.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been carrying a moleskine journal in my pocket wherever I go. Throughout my day I record ideas, things I want to remember, and many more random thoughts/observations in here. I’ve also limited obsessively looking at my phone while I’m in transit. Email and twitter have been relegated to when I’m squarely seated in front of my computer.  To my surprise, this combination has resulted in more creativity, productivity, and overall happiness. 

 I’ve come to realize that cell phones can be a mental black hole. When I dive into my email, twitter, or favorite app, I get the immediate gratification that comes with digital stimulation. It feels good when I see the number in my inbox go down or that someone has tweeted at me. But the problem with this is that my thought process becomes reactionary and disorganized. Rarely am I forced to think hard about something. Its more like checklist mode. I never realized this until my phone and moleskine diet.

 With my phone tucked squarely in my back pocket, I can deeply meditate on my thoughts. I can really think hard about solutions to problems, organization, and accomplishing what I need to. As I do this, I get to enjoy the deeply personal experience of writing my thoughts down in a notebook for later review. Strange as it sounds, I’ve noticed that the mere fact that I have notebook in my pocket compels me to really think. Maybe its just because I secretly enjoy the strange looks I get when I stop in the middle of the sidewalk to whip out my notebook and record something. Not sure. Anyways this practice has provided me with greater creativity, clearer thoughts, and a deeper appreciation for the amount of beautiful women I walk by each day. Its amazing what happens when you’re not glued to your phone and take some time to smell the roses.

 I used to be a “phone-notes” guy. But in reality that was more like a “phone-notes – oh hey I have an email – whats going on twitter” guy. I’m definitely a moleskine guy now.

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