NEWFLASH: Peak Performance and Achievement is an Inside Job

Introducing The Peak State Fitness Bootcamp For Entreprenuers

Learn How to Master The Thoughts and Emotions That Drive Your Actions During High Intensity Workouts

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We're pumped to have over 25 people joining us for the inaugural Peak State Bootcamp.

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The Background and Science Behind These Workouts

During and after high intensity workouts, our brains are more plastic and receptive to creating new neural pathways.

This makes workouts the ideal time to develop and condition strong personal identities & empowering beliefs which determine how we show up in the world.

When I found this out, I started incorporating tools I'd learned from masters of neuro linguistic programming during high intensity workouts to see if I felt different...

The RESULTS were incredible. I became more powerful and able to obliterate self-created barriers on command.

Now I want to share these practices with you!

The Perfect Workout For Entrepreneurs

Having done this workout with Scott, I can say that you start the day feeling energized and ready to tackle whatever you have ahead given that everyone in the group is motivated and hungry to do better. This is definitely something I'd make part of my morning ritual.

Chris Keller Founder,

Before the workout I was feeling a little anxious and pretty drained from a few days of working really hard and long hours. Scott did an amazing job of easing into the workout and creating an environment where I felt really comfortable. The workout itself was insanely fun and I felt myself losening up and felt my motivation grow throughout. When we were done I felt unstoppable. You know those days you wake up and feel like nothing can go wrong, like you could run through a wall? Thats how I felt. I had a big day ahead of me and this made me feel super confident and ready to crush the day... Then I did. I hope someday soon I can do this everyday.

Carl Mattiola Co-Founder, ClinicRise

Scott is a beast. I've done a bunch of his workouts one on one and finish exhausted (in a good way), motivated and excited to push through whatever has been holding me back. The mind-body combo is super energizing, and perfect for an entrepreneur like me who's main barriers are psychological or motivation.

Justin Mares Author, Traction Book
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Additional Details

  • - Each workout will last approximately 50 minutes.
  • - Workouts are scaled to accommodate all fitness levels.
  • - All exercises will be bodyweight. No heavy weights or equipment required.
  • - During workouts there will be guided verbal queues (you speaking). I promise I will make it not awkward!
  • - There is one shower on premise.
  • - Momentum from workouts will be used to make positive changes in our life pursuits outside the session
  • - Classes will serve as an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and people interested in becoming their best selves

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