Making the Most of Every Opportunity with Ross Tucker – TCE 027

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Ross Tucker Interview

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There are certain people out there that just will themselves to be successful and create the lives that they want.

Today’s guest is one of those people. I’m honored to have Ross Tucker on the show whose taken his talents everywhere from the NFL to mainstream media and the world of software startups.

In this episode, Ross is going to share a bit about his story and the specific mindsets he’s taken to make the most out of each and every opportunity he’s been given. After taking a second listen to this conversation, it’s very clear to me that Ross created luck for himself in many instances which is a common trait of A players.

Want to see how to kick the door down when you’re given a shot? Tune in to this conversation with my buddy Ross Tucker.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • The mindsets of an underdog
  • What it means to give a no regrets effort
  • How to attract opportunities and maximize them when you get them
  • The importance of recalibrating your goals as you go through your personal journey
  • How Ross thinks about his career in the media business and where he’s investing his time
  • Countless stories of people doing whatever it takes to be successful
  • A framework and some questions to ask yourself before taking on an ambitious pursuit (requires deep digging)

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Mindshare segment at the end:

A no regrets effort and the peace that this can bring you. I experienced this first hand when I was at the top of my game and it all got taken away….

Links & Resources Mentioned:

For more on Ross check him out on Twitter @RossTuckerNFL, The Ross Tucker Football Podcast, and Blog.

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