Getting Traction In Local and Selling into Enterprise with Ryan Jeffery, VP of Business Development at Belly

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A little over a year ago I met Ryan Jeffery, Vice President of Business Development at Belly, a startup focused on enriching the loyalty experience for both local businesses and consumers.

Ryan Jeffery

When we met I could tell Ryan was a sharp guy…and I’ve been really impressed by the growth that Belly has achieved in the beast that is local. Naturally I thought he’d be fun to do an interview with : )

In this interview we talk about:

  • How they initially pitched and sold local businesses in MVP mode (WARNING: includes ipad glue stories)
  • The first thing they did after they got their very first customer
  • How they scaled once they had initial product/market fit
  • Insight into their hybrid inside/outside sales distribution strategy (and why this makes sense for their product)
  • Their brilliant bottom up strategy for breaking into the enterprise. **This is a total BD hack
  • How they position their product differently for local businesses and enterprise customers
  • His take on what CMOs are looking for when making a purchasing decision
  • Caveats and important things to understand when evaluating the timing of channel partnerships
  • The art of patient persistence when trying to Break into Biz Dev (listen up finance ex-pats)

If you’re a real tomcat in the audio learning department, you can also check out (and download) this interview on soundcloud here.

Ryan’s a cool dude that you should definitely keep an eye on. If you enjoyed this interview, you can connect with him at Ryan (at) and find him on twitter here. Oh…and if you like awesome rewards at local businesses you should learn more about Belly at

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