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Satori Prime Interview

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If you listened to this podcast by now you’ve probably heard me say this over and over again, whether we’re talking achievement or happiness…it’s all an inside job.

To win in business, you need to win in your mind first.

Today’s conversion is all about mastering the internal dialogue and focus that shapes our life experience. I’m so fired up to bring two of the most stout guys I know in terms of mindset: Ilan and Guy Ferdman from Satori Prime.

You might have heard of these brothers because their company Satori Prime is one of the pre-eminent thought leaders and companies in Facebook marketing and social media space. They work with some the best marketers on the internet.

But what not as many people know about Ilan and Guy is their mastery of the engine which fuels their business…their mindset.

Today we’re going to unpack how they shape their worldview to enhance performance no matter which crazy things get thrown their way.

With the new year upon us and a natural time time to set the vision for this year, I can’t think of a better time to listen to this episode. I hope you enjoy this episode with Ilan and Guy Ferdman.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • What it means to have vision
  • Why you need to extend your vision beyond directly what you’re doing
  • Why people give up on their dreams and how to avoid it
  • How Satori Prime has established itself as a pre-eminent force in their market
  • Strategies to manage your perception when the going get’s tough
  • A whole lot of ideas to upgrade your mindset for optimal performance

For more on Satori Prime check them out  the Satori Prime site, podcast, and Mindfluence Academy.

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