Upgrading Your Operating System with Sebastian Marshall – TCE 029

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Sebastian Marshall

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Today you are in for an absolute treat…

We’re incredibly fortunate to have Sebastian Marshall on the show from GiveGetWin and SebastianMarshall.com.

You ever encounter someone on the internet and just wonder who the heck is this dude?

Sebastian has been one of these intriguing characters for me. Mainly because he has a brilliant mind, is constantly creating cool things, and seems to always be in a different part of the world.

In this conversation we get to spend some time in Sebastian’s mind and talk about a few topics I find very interesting because I think they’re profoundly important for our success and happiness.

This conversation ranges from the intersection of biochemistry and performance to practicing directive thinking and impulse control…and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll leave this conversation with some new ideas to chew on and strategies to implement.

Tune in below:


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • New ideas on the intersection of biochemistry and your performance
  • Some of our favorite nootropic mixes
  • How to develop impulse control and why that’s so important
  • The power of developing impulse control and how to start to implement this
  • Best practices for habit and character development

Listen to the episode here:

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Mindshare segment at the end:

One strategy for high achievers to feel less stressed out. This is a mindset I learned recently and really enjoy.

Links & Resources Mentioned:

For more on Sebastian check him out on Twitter @SebastmarshSebastianMarshall.com and on Give Get Win.

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