Live Bootstrapping and Startup Mentorship: Spencer Fry and Biznobo – TCE 028

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Today’s episode is a little something something I’ve never seen done on a podcast before.

In my experience one of the best ways I’ve found to learn new things and implement them is to get access to case studies of people who are trying to accomplish the same things I am.

Today I wanted to experiment with a live case study on the podcast by inviting one of our listeners on the show to get real-time advice from a world class expert.

Our first guest is Daniel Arzguara the founder of Biznobo, a social marketing platform that helps businesses connect with new customers. Daniel is in the nascent stages of bootstrapping this business and is trying to figure out the best way to get his first customers as well as manage the zillion different things he could be spending time on as a 2 man operation.

To advise him through the process, I’ve brought on my buddy Spencer Fry. Beyond being an awesome guy, Spencer is a great entrepreneur whose boostrapped multiple companies to profitability including Carbonmade and Uncover, after selling his first company Typefrag.

This conversation dives into some really tough questions like how to start charging, where to get your first customer, and what you should be focused on at certain milestones of an early business. It’s a goodie, especially for early entrepreneurs.

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What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • The best time to start charging for a new product or service
  • How to convert beta testers into paying customers
  • The benefits of doing a free trial vs. charging right away and how to think about this for your business
  • Great places to start looking for your first customers
  • How to use social media for lead generation
  • Thoughts on inbound vs. outbound customer acquisition
  • Some initial cold outreach tactics
  • The action plan Daniel is going to take away from this conversation to begin getting revenue -> resources

Listen to the episode here:

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Mindshare segment at the end:

One unique way to incentivize referrals for your business I’ve used in the past. 

Links & Resources Mentioned:

For more on Spencer check him out on Twitter @Spencerfry, His Blog, and his company Uncover. Also check out Biznobo.

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2 comments, add to the conversation.

  1. Scott Brooks

    Love the new episode format Scott.

    Some suggestions:

    1) Let the expert drive the questioning. It seems like the entrepreneur was driving a lot of the discussion in this episode where I think some deeper, more targeted questions could have come from Spencer Fry. Rather than being the mentor of the episode, he had an small footprint on the overall discussion. I would have loved to hear more from him. The great part about having experts on, even if you don’t have a specific set of questions for them, just letting them drive the conversation, a lot of great advice and strategies will naturally come out.

    2) @22:00 – the topic of figuring out when to set your trial period up to coincide with when the user is hooked. I found this topic to be VERY interested, but we moved past it quickly without diving into HOW to test for that threashold. I think this might be a good topic of another Bootstrapping show. Through product usage analytics, how would I test to see how to figure out when my user is “hooked”, and then at that time prompt them to pay. I’m sure there’s hundreds of other interesting usages tests that could also be talked about in a future show… things like user engagement and beyond. Not having done any testing along those lines with products I’ve built, I’d be very interested to see what the PROs are doing.

    Thanks for your show! This was a great one!


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