Inside the Mind of A Dreams Dealer with Steve Sims – TCE 044

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Tell me if any of these things sound cool…

Riding exotic cars across the Mojave desert, traveling to space…getting to play a concert with Journey!

I’ve always been a fan of spending my money on experiences versus stuff and I’m pretty sure today’s guest would agree.

I’m so pumped to have Steve Sims, the founder of Blue Fish which is the premier executive concierge service in the world. Steve is what I call a dreams dealer. If you can think of an experience you want for you life, he figures out a way to create it. His clientele is some of the most accomplished and famous people in the world.

When we first emailed to set up this call, he was dealing with someone a large group of people consider to be the most important person in the world. Don’t worry…you’ll find out exactly who I’m talking about in a moment.

Besides all the cool stories, I wanted to have Steve on the show because in order to make magic happen you have to be an incredibly resourceful hustler. I wanted to learn how Steve thinks about getting someone to play with one of the most famous bands in the world or setting up a dinner with the most important man in Russia.

This conversation is full of unconventional wisdom and examples of business cunning sprinkled in some pretty awesome stories. It also doesn’t hurt that Steve’s british accent is pretty easy on the ears as well.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • Steve’s process for getting world class experiences
  • The infamous letter trick
  • Why technology is bad
  • How to manage your network
  • Lessons in resourcefulness and hustling
  • How to ask questions so that logically lead to the conversational thread that you want

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For more on Steve check him out at Blue FishBlue Cause  and onTwitter at @UglySims + @bluefishgroup.

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