How to Drive 100+ Pageviews With 20 Seconds of Work

by Scott

It’s no secret that including a link within your email signature is a simple way to promote your blog. But almost all people who do this still miss out on optimal traffic generation.


Few people realize that Google hides content that you’ve already seen in your inbox. For example, I just sent an email from my personal gmail to work one.

Pre-Send Compose View:


Default view from my work inbox:



The default Google view does not display the signature from my personal email. Why? Because I’ve forwarded messages to my work one already this week. Due to the fact I’ve already seen all the content within my email signature, Google’s default view hides it.

The only way to view my signature is by clicking the small …
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Hacking Quora

by Scott

If you think of Quora as just a Q and A site, odds are you aren’t getting as much out of it as you could be. In addition to a playground to satiate my curiosity, I use Quora as a channel to create value in my life. Below are some of the less obvious way that you can leverage Quora to your advantage.

Content Syndication:

Quora is a great place to re-syndicate content you’ve already created. Every time I write a post, I check to see if I’m unknowingly answering a question on Quora. If I am and can provide some unique insight, I will insert content I’ve already created while linking back to the full post for additional context. Here is …
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Guerilla Tactics: Selling A Skillshare Class Case Study

by Scott

I thought it’d be cool to expose some of the less obvious tactics I used to get people to sign up for my Skillshare class. A tweet here and there just doesn’t cut it for the young and hungry. Sometimes you need to put the warpaint on.                     

Email Signature and Inbox Special Ops

I use my email signature like a strategic weapon. I change it frequently and at times even cater it depending upon who I’m emailing. I’ve found it extremely effective for nudging people to look at something without looking like a tool. Within that vein, I went beast mode in large email groups that I’m involved in to try to drive …
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List of Some More Life Hacks

by Scott

Some readers told me they liked the life hacks section of my old blog, so I decided to publish some more.

Engage Awesome Founders by Reporting Bugs – I encounter bugs in products all the time. Actually take the time to screenshot and document the actions that lead to a bug then send it to the founder. I use my rapportive hack to find their email if I don’t have it.

 This is a great beachhead for building a relationship because it indicates that you’re interested in their success. People appreciate that. Leverage this point of contact to build a relationship by continuing to add value in the form of feedback, connections, etc.

Identify Tech Talent for Hire Amongst Your Network – In …
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