How What You Put in Your Body Effects Sleep

by Scott

This week I came out with my first Udemy Course called Sleep Hacking: Have More Energy, Spend Less Time in Bed.


I created the course because I’ve been able to dramatically increase my energy while reducing my total sleep time from an average of 7.5 to 6 hours a night by building great habits that helped improve my sleep quality. Compound that 1.5 hour reduction over the course of a year and that’s an additional 30 waking days I’ll have this year (assuming 18 hours of waking time per day). SICK!!

I want to share a portion of the class on the ol blog. Here’s a high level overview of what’s covered in this video just in case you have the …
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Sleep Hacking: How to Sleep Better

by Scott

I’m constantly trying to optimize my sleep.

Why you ask? So I have can as many waking hours of the day to do the things I love and be productive while maintaining a high energy level and healthy lifestyle : )

I compiled some of my learnings into a slideshare presentation called Sleep Hacking: How to Sleep Better. It’s a primer to a new online course I’m teaching on How to Have More Energy and Spend Less Time in Bed. Take a gander:

Sleep Hacks: How to Sleep Better from Scott Britton

Do you know someone who wish they could sleep better, desires more energy, and/or is constantly trying to optimize their life? Share this with them so they don’t miss out …
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I Eat Ice Cream When I’m Tired

by Scott

For a long time I was told I need to get 7-8 hours of sleep without a compelling explanation why. “You need to be well rested” doesn’t exactly make me want to drop whatever I’m doing to uphold some seemingly arbitrary mandate.

Lately I’ve noticed a correlation that does make me strive for 7-8 hours: rest facilitates discipline. When I’m well rested, my willpower to maintain discipline is much higher. I’m less likely to cheat on my diet, skip the gym, and undertake new activities instead of finishing difficult ones.

Inadequate rest provokes me to settle for the path of least resistance. This manifests itself through inferior discipline. My hands dip into the cookie jar and eyes linger longer in my …
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