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Today I’m ecstatic to announce the launch of my new podcast The Competitive Edge.

Before I get into the juicy backstory of how this all started on the heels of copious amounts of boxed wine, I first want to encourage you to do two things:

1. Check out the 3 episodes that are now available on Itunes

2. Leave a nice review if you found it enjoyable. Review it now

I plan on reading every single review and it will help me understand what elements you’re enjoying so that I can make this podcast as helpful to you as possible.

A big part of me starting this was also to inspire everyone out there just trying to figure it out like me. Positive reviews are a major factor that will allow the show to get increased exposure so we can make this happen.

*Much love to those who take the extra minute of their day to help me out with this : )

Here are the first 3 episodes that are currently available:

# 1: My Roommate Ben Interviews Me About The Podcast and My Life (selfie alert and full details below)

# 2: Noah Kagan On How To Reverse Engineer Success

# 3: Charlie Hoehn On The Secret To Better Work and Relationships

*Make sure to listen until the end of each show to hear the private Mindshare segment…

The Franzia Binge That Hopefully Changes the World…A.K.A This Podcast’s Backstory

Starting a podcast has been something I’ve been thinking about for years.

But I didn’t decide to pull the trigger on until a fateful plane ride back to Rio from SXSW this year.

I was 3 glasses of US Airways boxed-wine deep, talking shop with my roommate Ben when the idea for this show hit me like the Hammer of Thor.

We were chatting about how inspired we felt after so many conversations with people doing cool things at SXSW. It was amazing to feel so revitalized with ideas and energy after settling into the laid back beach vibe of Rio.

But what if… we could have these conversations everyday…and then you could let everyone in on the ideas, inspiration and tactics we were learning!?

This sounded too fun and rewarding to pass up.

We launched into more wine and cashews, continuing to throw around ideas for the show. The conversation shifted to what we really wanted out of a show that helped us reach our full potential.

Here’s what we came up with:

[su_list icon=”icon: star”]

  • Meaty tactics for improving our businesses, health, and minds
  • Stories from people we looked up to (wins, failures, general chaos)
  • Inspiration on the reg
  • The specific and unique things that top performers did to get competitive advantages…

And thus began The Competitive Edge!

How This Show Will Improve Your Life

I started this podcast to expose the answers to questions I was dying to know myself:

How do the most successful, inspiring, and smartest people get an edge in their business and lives?


What are the little things they do different to achieve the things we want for our own lives?

By listening to this podcast, you’re going to get the raw answers to these questions.

But listening to this show is going to give your more than that. It’s going to provide exclusive access to the minds of the saaviest entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders.

Simply exposing your mind to this type of thinking on a regular basis will naturally condition you to start thinking and operating at a higher level every single day…and that could be your Competitive Edge : )


Beyond exact tactics and ideas each guest uses, you’re also going to get all the behind the scenes stories…including some that have never been told publicly anywhere else.

And whether it’s how they climbed the mountain or how they fell down 10 times before making it to the summit, one thing is for sure: you’re going to be ready to kick ass after you listen to this show.

The Mindshare Segment

Lastly, as a huge podcast/audio learner myself, one of the things I always wanted to know was what was going on in the life of the host? What was working in his business? Any recent life botches I could learn from?

Well the beauty of creating your own show is you get to decide what gets talked about : )

At the end of each episode, you’ll get access to a section called the Mindshare segment. For a few minutes, I’ll share everything from tactics that are working for me and new ideas, to war stories and how I’m thinking about my personal challenges.

Think of it as our personal conversation between me and you that I hope we can continue within the comments of each of show.

Show Frequency

I plan on publishing new episodes 3-5 days a week depending on the feedback I get from you.

If you end up loving it and let me know with a review, I will absolutely try to publish more. I can gurantee you that much.

Did I Hear Sweet Contest?

I love free stuff, helping out friends, and reccomending products and services I use.

Enter The Competitive Edge podcast contest. You can get all the details by clicking here.


Here’s the gist:

I’m giving away a grand prize trip where I’ll fly you out, put you up, and teach you how to create a passive income stream with some of my smartest online business friends over a long weekend. I’m not sure where this is going be, but it’ll be somewhere fun in a house stocked with dark chocolate and guac.

I’m also giving away free memberships and credits to my favorite sites and services. Again, you can get all the details here.

Episode 1: Ben & Me Rapping On My Life Journey & Mindsets

The first episode of the competitive Edge is a private conversation between me and my roommate Ben Altman who runs a site called Charisma On Command.

You can listen to it on Itunes or right here:

Subscribe on Itunes

Here’s what we talk about:

[su_list icon=”icon: bolt”]

  • My upbringing and resume that makes me look like a Mexican Jumping Bean
  • Unique things I did to get an edge in my business development efforts at SinglePlatform
  • The background of my blog and how I started my current business
  • The fastest way to create instant bonds between people you want to build relationships with
  • My favorite mindsets that make my life better
  • Content creation and blog growth hacks
  • Why you need to create an insider list
  • The 10X practice that helps you think bigger

Mindshare segment at the end:

A bunch of mistakes that I made recently which cost me big time, but shifted the way I think about mistakes and the pursuit of my desires.

Okay that’s it for round one. Stay tuned for a few more episodes that are coming out this week…

If you haven’t already, head on over to itunes, subscribe to the podcast, and leave a review.


Big thanks to the following Sponsors and Competitive Edge launch partners:

[su_list icon=”icon: star”] – Dedicated personal assistants and how I started with VA’s
Growthacker.TV – The premier resource for learning growth hacking. – The first online school for lifestyle design – Vimbly is the fastest way to book thousands of activities, classes & date ideas – Get updates from your favorite blogs and sites in one place – Find out when friends and contacts are mentioned in the news


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  1. Jean-Francois

    Do you plan publishing your podcast using an RSS feed also? As an Android user, I do not use iTunes. I know I could listen to it on SoundCloud, but I prefer having all my podcasts in 1 application.


  2. Post Author Scott

    Excited that my roommate is going to be on another plane ride with me soon for more boxed wine idea generation!!


  3. Todd

    Congrats on your podcast. At the end of the first episode you said you would link up in the show notes your 2 page list of the tough life questions that you review to make sure your life is on track for your goals. I don’t see those links. Please let me know where to find them. Thanks!


  4. Lisa

    I really enjoyed the content of your first podcast. Great stuff that has empowered me and reminded me find more fun in everything that I do. I was excited to hear you say that you would post a link to the questions that you ask yourself. Can you help me find this link?


    1. Monica Ayala

      Hey! I just sent you a request to join so I can get my hands on those questions.
      I recently discovered your podcasts; it’s uncanny how relatable you are! When you’re a person of constant and never ending improvement, you’re draw to those who mirror your same thinking. Can’t wait to catch up on the last year of episodes! Have a great day, think big!


  5. Bill Masur

    Hey Scott, Love the show! I’m not sure if I missed the link to the questions that you ask yourself every month. Would love to get my hands on those. Thanks!


  6. Joel

    Hooked after the first episode. I am entering my senior year of college and I believe this podcast will help me better communicate and stand out amongst my peers. Until I heard this I was so stressed and worried as to how I was going to stand out and get a job! I am going to start a blog and continue listening. Thank you so much, Scott!

    P.s. Are you catching any matches at the World Cup?!


  7. Post Author Scott

    That’s awesome to hear Joel. I did a lot of audio learning while in transit in college and it helped a ton. I’d also check out for some job ideas to stand out


  8. Ethan

    Hi Scott,

    I enjoyed your first episode, thanks! What was the name of the copy writing book you recommended in this?


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