Exploring the Psychedelic Industry’s Future with Dylan Beynon

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I am very excited about the future of the Psychedelic Industry to help improve health outcomes across a wide range of behavioral and emotional issues.

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Psychedelic Industry

Dylan Beynon, my guest on this episode, is one of my best friends. I owe a lot to this man. He was the person who ushered me into my first psychedelic experience described in Becoming No One and more recently re-introduced me to my fiancee!

He is honestly one of the smartest people I know. It should come as no surprise that his business Mindbloom is the largest provider of ketamine assisted therapy in the United States right now.

Right now Ketamine is the only legal, controlled substance that broadly falls into the category of psychedelics. It is my belief that the legalization of psychedelics will continue to broaden as the Psychedelic Industry evolves and Mindbloom is on the cutting edge of providing a therapeutic experience to accompany these substances as they come online.

I have witnessed the transformational outcomes that Mindbloom has catalyzed amongst friends in my life and did a 4 session treatment protocol myself in the early days of the company. It was great and helped me during some challenging times where I was ridden with anxiety.

I always recommend it to family and friends who are looking for help with mental health issues and are not getting their desired results from traditional talk therapy. It is also a light entry point for people that may have never tried psychedelics and are interested in starting with a gentle experience.

This conversation is less a focus on the company and more on where the psychedelic industry is heading.

What should be considered to drive transformational outcomes for patients?

What must happen for these substances to be adopted by mainstream society in a safe and effective way?

I had a lot of fun re-listening to this conversation. I don’t often do that with podcasts I record, but Dylan often offers such a distinctly unique perspective I couldn’t resist in this case.

I hope you enjoy it! With love,


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