Somatic Release Cautions and Eckhart Tolle’s Surrender Story

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I made two videos over the past few weeks that I wanted to share. Here, I’m going to talk about Echkart Tolle, and some cautions on Somatic Release.

Eckhart Tolle’s Surrender Story

This first video was inspired by reading how Eckhart Tolle left his job as a professor to move to a new continent and write The Power of Now. I’ve followed his work for a few years and didn’t know this story until recently reading it in his book A New Earth.

Eckhart is a fantastic teacher and a great example of someone creating spontaneously from pure consciousness as described in Creator Consciousness. It is very clear he is channeling information in complete presence when he speaks that forgoes any thinking mind filter. 

This story as a fantastic example of what I call Level 3 Surrender. When you align yourself to life’s direction, the universe has a way of clearing the path and taking care of everything for you.

The Thing About Somatic Release That No One Tells You

I recently have been seeing lots of different advertisements for somatic practices and hearing more people talk about The Body Keeps the Score. I read this book almost 4 years ago when I first started having spontaneous somatic experiences due to a kundalini awakening and felt compelled to share the risk of these practices.

Although somatic work can be very valuable, amongst spiritually driven seekers there is a tendency to develop a complex where one associates physical response with spiritual growth. Because consciousness drives the body and the ego seeks progress, you end up creating unnecessary physical symptomatology that can make your unfolding way more uncomfortable than it needs to be.

I learned this lesson the hard way and think it’s important for anyone who is spending time teaching or doing somatic work to understand this dynamic. Kind of like it’s just as easy to build a big business as it is a small business, it’s just as easy to release stuck energies gracefully with ease as it is violently. We might creative a narrative that the latter might feel like you are growing more because of the common western programming like “no pain, no gain” or “you get out what you put in”, but this is really just a conditioned concept in the mind. Trauma release does not have to be a physically intense experience all the time, though it can be.

I know this might ruffle the feathers of some somatic release loyalists, but all I can do is authentically share my experience here. For those engaged in somatic work, I encourage you to try talking to your body or nervous system the next time it starts shaking letting it know if it wants to shake or contort in order to release it can, but that it is not required. It’s also a good opportunity to investigate your own spiritual ambition and whether there is an attachment to growing spiritually which early on is a necessity, but also must be let go of at more mature stages of development.

You might also practice self inquiry and ask “who is trying so hard to evolve?” 🙃

I hope you enjoy these videos and have a wonderful weekend.


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