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A month ago, I wrote a Zirtual review outlining everything my virtual assistant  Josiah helped me out with.



I wanted to do it again so the outsourcing curious can see the type of tasks a Zirtual assistant can do for you:

  • Coordinate a call (2)
  • Download all files from a membership site I belong to and put them in a dropbox folder so I can put them on my phone
  • Add members to my google group HackingNYC (2)
  • Make restaurant reservations (3)
  • Add something to my calendar (1)
  • Found out when I get my Zirtual credits applied and let me know the policy on them
  • Bottle service inquiry for my friend that’s getting deployed to Afghanistan who visited NYC. Love you Yorck!
  • Go through all my Skillshare classes and export all the emails of past students into CSVs so I can email these people about new online classes
  • Call the Chinese Consulate and find out the best way to get my paperwork taken care  before my trip
  • Call Wells Fargo and confirm the reimbursement policy on my use of non-bank ATMs
  • Find 10 most popular Google+ Communities on Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Blogging
  • Call Horizon Blue Cross and see if they cover me for insurance abroad (More China trip nonsense)
  • Upload 4 videos I put into a dropbox folder onto Youtube
  • Figure out the easiest way for me to order checks for a new bank account I opened
  • Remove the duplicates in a spreadsheet I was working on
  • I lost my fur hood to my Helley Hansen coat on a ski trip. Do research to see if you can find another hood online.
  • Copy a framework I liked in a slideshare and put it into an excel spreadsheet so I can apply it

I think I used 9 out of the 10 hours of my Zirtual plan this month. I absolutely love it because it creates more bandwidth for me to focus on important stuff. It’s also helping me to increase my comfort level delegating things. Flex that labor arbitrage muscle!

This is why I consider it a worthy investment.

If It Turns out You Want to Take Advantage of Zirtual…

Right now Zirtual is only accepting applications that have been referred to by existing members. If you want to try it, you can become eligible by entering through this affiliate link. Otherwise you will need to find someone else who can refer you or remain in Zirtual pergatory.

Yes, I do get a referral fee for this. But hey, it’d be way worse if I told you how sweet something was and then you couldn’t have it ; )


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  1. Tania Dakka

    I’d love to know more about how the “hours” thing works. Do you send them all the tasks you want for the week and they schedule how long it took them to do it all? Do they stop at the 10 hour mark, if that’s the plan you paid for?

    Thanks for the informative post!


    1. ScottBritton

      Tania – thanks for reading.

      I send them the tasks as I need them done. I do have a few recurring tasks which he does every 2 weeks too.

      When I send a message I outline the priority which lets him know how fast I want something turned around [high] [low] and then I also sometimes outline the maximum amount of time that I want him to spend on something before he needs to ask me if he should keep working on it i.e [15] means 15 minute max.

      Once I’ve reached the 50%, 75% and 90% point of my allotted hours, Josiah emails me so I have a grasp of how much I’ve used. Once he hits 10 hours he stops unless I want to up my plan.

      All of the tasks he’s done are available in the Zirtual dashboard as well so I can see what he’s done if I need to as well as what is pending. To be honest though, i don’t really ever look in there because Josiah gets things done and I trust him.


      1. Tania Dakka

        Thanks for the response. It sounds interesting…thanks for sharing. I’m definitely looking into getting this done at some point. If I do, I’ll be sure to use your aff link. Thanks for the lead:)


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