How to Get A Biz Dev Job

A lot of people non-technical ask me the same question:

How Do I Get A Startup Job?

I got tired of answering this question over and over again so I created a free 4 week email course that provides my best tips and strategies on how to Break into Biz Dev.

Sound interesting? Head to this page and fill out the form to get my best tips today!

startup business development

If you’re still not sure, here’s some of the question the course addresses:

  • What BD actually means
  • How important networking and personal referrals are for landing BD Jobs
  • How to approach people for grabbing coffee in the startup world with grace and professionalism
  • How doing the job before you have it can be effective strategy to de-risk yourself as a hire
  • How creating or executing a project can demonstrate you’re a GTD type of person that would be an effective hire
  • Making sure to be “patiently persistent” with your relationships and efforts vs. an annoying gnat.

Here’s the link again