That Beliefs Email You Might Have Skipped ; )

The content below might may you email Mark Zuckerberg….

Or whoever it is that you think could drive the most transformative change in your life!

You see, I learned the most important lesson of my life this year.

It’s responsible for more business opportunities, romance, and free time than I’ve ever had before which is why I’m so excited to share it with you.

Are you ready?

The key to having everything you ever wanted is your beliefs.

I know this sounds fluffy, but think about this for a second…

Why do your car when you approach a red light?


Because you don’t want to get hit!

You’ve conditioned your brain to believe that passing through a red light is dangerous and can cause you harm…or in the least get you a ticket because of those pesky police cams!

BIG TAKEAWAY: Your belief about the likely outcome drives your action.

I’ll say this again because it’s the most important thing that shapes your destiny:

What you predict the likely outcome of every action you take will determine what you decide to do in every situation.

Now think about this…

Call to mind your favorite author, entertainer, or business mind in the world that you haven’t met that’d you like to. Or maybe the #1 person who if you connected with, could drive your business to astronomical heights…

Why haven’t you reached out to this person?

Is it because you think…

  • They won’t respond to you because they get 1000’s of emails a day?
  • You don’t have anything interesting to say?
  • Nothing good will likely happen?

If you’re anything like I used to be, the reason you haven’t attempted to pursue what could be a life-changing opportunity like this is because you possessed a limiting belief.

A limiting belief is when what you think about yourself or the likely outcome of an action does not support you taking the most direct path to getting what you want.

Some limiting beliefs examples I once held:

  • If I approach that CEO at a conference, he’ll shrug me off
  • If I try to go talk to that fantastically beautiful girl on the subway, I’ll probably interrupt her
  • If I leave my job to live my dream life, I’ll waste all the connections and momentum I’ve built for myself

Now let’s recall the example above about reaching out to the #1 person who you’d like to meet to massively accelerate your life or happiness…

Imagine if instead of thinking one of the limiting beliefs above, you believed with conviction that this person is going to be so excited that I reached out to them because you have the ability to drive tremendous value to their life

Do yo think you’d be more likely to take action if you were absolutely certain of this?


Now what if you looked at all the beliefs that stood in the ways of everything you wanted and then decided to systemically rewire them so that you eventually reached a mindset where you automatically took the actions that would lead to your goals…even in what used to be the scariest situations.


Guess what. You can do this. And it’s probably the most powerful thing you can do in the world for you life.

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