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I work with motivated, high achievers to help them upgrade the results in their work and life.

How I Can Help You

Most people live by rules that they make up in their heads that no one enforces.

My job as your coach to help obliterate these mindsets so that you unlock the unlimited upside for your life and get more of what you want faster.

Here are some more specific things I’ve worked with people on:

  • Kicking procrastination habits to a become prolific executor
  • Building and attracting a massive network of influential people
  • Crushing the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from making more money from what you’re already doing
  • Clarity on how to better leverage your time
  • Development of passive income streams
  • How to leverage virtual assistants to only focus on what you can uniquely accomplish
  • Becoming more confident in all situations so that you kick all of the unresourceful self-talk and aggressively pursue what you want

Why I Can Help

The fastest way to get where you want to go is find someone else whose done it before and get the blueprint on exactly what you need to do.

I’m not sure what you’re looking to achieve, but here’s some of the things I’ve done that I’d love to help you achieve in less than 1/2 the time:


  • I live with the coolest people I know in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil because I thought it’d be the best place in the world to live.
  • I work for myself, make money doing things I enjoy, and a 80% of my income is automated. This allows me to pursue my personal interests which include personal development, salsa, surfing, and now helping others to achieve their dreams by coaching!


It was a scary journey to get here and there was a lot of bumps, but I’m confident that if we work together I can get you there in half the time.


  • At the last company I was with, I did over 300  business development deals which helped the company sell for 100 million dollars
  • I was named as one of the Top 25 under 25 in New York Tech
  • I have taught over 500 students in person about business development and spoken at the General Consulate of Canada and New York CTO school about it.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 4.01.51 PM

When I broke into this industry just a few years ago, I had no entrepreneurial background and less than 5 connections. If you’re wondering whether this happened because I had a head start the answer is no.

Everything can be taught and replicated with the right mentorship and coaching.


  • I grew my blog from scratch to be named of the 50 most trafficked self-improvement blogs on the internet
  • I’ve sold 1000′s of training programs online which is currently how I make a living
  • I created the largest business development specific newsletter on the internet
  • My work has been featured on publications such as Lifehacker, The Next Web, and Business Insider
  • I’ve been interviewed on multiple TV shows including Australia’s Top Morning Show
  • I’ve created content that’s been featured on the front pages of Digg, Slideshare, Udemy,, and many more

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 4.03.31 PM

Personal Development

I’m sparing you the bullet points because this is what I’m really passionate about and where transformative change in my life has occurred.

The most important thing I’ve done for myself is develop a set of empowering beliefs and mindsets. These have created abundance for me in not only the areas above, but also my personal life.

They’ve allowed me to live a life where my actions aren’t directed by fear, but rather by what is important to me and my desires.

These mindsets are most powerful assets and I hope to help others develop them as well.

Who I Want to Work With

I’m looking to work with highly motivated performers. There’s a good chance they’ve never worked with a coach before because they’ve consistently achieved throughout all areas of their life.

I never thought I needed or wanted a coach. And then on a whim I worked with one. This experience made me realize that I was performing far below my true potential; that anything was possible if I possessed the most resourceful beliefs and had the right people in my corner.

I have two coaches today and now believe every ambitious person should be working with at least one if they desire to reach their true potential.

After you apply for my coaching program, I will review your application. If I think there is a strong potential fit, we’ll set up a free consultation. I am going to be highly selective about who I work with so unfortunately cannot gurantee I will be able to provide everyone who applies a free consultation.

After our consultation which will likely occur over skype, we’ll mutually determine whether it’s a good fit and continue from there. If it turns it that we agree that I cannot drive massive results for you, then I have a plenty of people i can refer you to.

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**I do charge for coaching. This means, when you click the link above and I hop on a call with you I will tell you my rate which is $250 an hr for calls after our free consultation…Just want to be transparent : )


My goal is to drive lasting change. For this reason, I’m looking to work with someone over the course of a few months once a week.

We’ll have one hour call weekly and you’ll have full access to me over email between sessions. I will also actively seek out members of my network if I believe they can help you achieve your goals and it makes sense for both parties.

Cost: $1000/month

Click Here For A Free Consultation

**I do charge for coaching. This means, when you click the link above and I hop on a call with you I will tell you my rate which is $250 an hr for calls after our free consultation…Just want to be transparent : )

Refund Policy

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our relationship and the growth you’re seeing, I am willing to provide a full refund for you purchase within 30 days of our relationship. No questions asked.

What Others Are Saying

“Scott’s a force of nature. After every conversation I’m completely re-energized and have a few more weapons in the arsenal for kicking ass and taking names. If you’re driven to become your best self in work and in life talk to Scott.”

Ryan Denehy, Co-Founder of Swarm-Mobile




“My relationship with Scott has supercharged my own personal growth and development.  He’s inspired, supported, and driven me to stretch myself in new ways that have improved my physical health, helped my business, and increased my confidence.  I am extremely grateful for my relationship with Scott, it’s made me a better, more confident and capable person.”

Dan Putt, Co-Founder of Cojourneo


17299c9“Scott is an awesome guy. Our calls have been insanely useful in helping me get my head straight and refocused on what really matters. He’s been amazingly helpful with pushing past my boundaries and working with me to figure out concrete actions I can take that’d make the biggest difference in my quality of life. I leave every call with Scott inspired and ready to do more.”

Justin Mares, Co-Author of Traction Book 

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