Momentum Challenges

Below are some things that usually make us scared or nervous that we can do to develop capacity and life momentum (For Daily Question 3)

**Note if you’re having some trouble finding one see the Threshold Builders below

Threshold Challenges

  • Email someone we look up to and tell them how they’ve influenced us
  • Ask a friend or colleague for help on something we could use guidance on
  • Reconnect with someone from your past who you’ve thought about recently…even just say hi
  • Tell someone you’re friends with how awesome they are either in person, phone, or email that you don’t normally do
  • Ask for a raise or some additional benefit at your job
  • Get peace by getting something off your chest with someone you’ve been holding back for awhile
  • Buy someone an unexpected gift that you care about or look up to
  • Ask someone else to promote or support something that is important to you
  • Write out 3 things you haven’t told anyone. Pick one thing and tell that to one person.
  • Commit to talking to a stranger in a public place

Threshold Builders

If you are still having trouble to coming up with doing something use a “threshold builder” prompt to create a scenario that provides greater clarity to a way you can push your comfort zone.

*I will demonstrate this with a personal example.

Threshold builder statement = In my perfect world, I’d have these 4 people in my network…

  • Richard Branson
  • Mark Cuban
  • Elon Musk
  • Tim Ferriss

Know I can use this answer to create a small action step that falls within the guise of a threshold challenge.

Threshold Builder Development + Examples

Describe an element of your perfect world and then pick an action that gets you closer to achieving that.

In a perfect world I would…

  • Be better friends with these people
  • Have more responsibility at my job
  • Live in a nicer apartment
  • Have traveled to X place
  • Be able to do X physical task
  • Know the answer to this question I keep wondering
  • Have created XYZ
  • Have written about
  • Have met this person

Once you have one of these, use the threshold challenges above to brainstorm ideas for actions that are comfort zone stretches.

From my example, maybe I could send Richard Branson a tweet telling him I admire him or Tim Ferriss a cold email. You get the picture