What Not To Do When Cold Calling

by Scott

Last week I found myself doing a bunch of cold calling into 1,000+ person companies so I thought I’d share some quick tips specifically on what not do when cold calling.

What Not to Do When Cold Calling from Scott Britton

A few key takeaways from this presentation:

The goal of a cold call is to set a meeting, not to sell them on the spot.

When you cold call someone, you’re probably interrupting their day. They person you’re talking to is not primed to be receptive to your pitch in this state. You only want to pitch someone when they’re ready to hear it and attentive. This is why the goal of an initial cold call should be to set a meeting.

Write out …
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BD 101: Don’t Be A Cyborg

by Scott

Usually within the first 5 seconds of picking up the phone I can tell if its a cold call. A creative mispronunciation of my name followed by monotone script reading typically give it away.

The person on the other end could have the greatest offer in the world for me. But it doesn’t matter. For better or worse, I’ve conditioned my brain to turn off as soon as I recognize these interactions. Its as if a trigger goes off that immediately diverts all of my focus towards determining how I can politely extract myself from the conversation…I might as well be talking to a machine.

Pro-active business development often requires a lot of cold outreach. When I’m reaching out cold via email …
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