2013 Goals Report Card and Reflection

by Scott

At the end of last year, I wrote out everything I wanted to achieve in 2013.

Here’s how I finished up as well as some breakthrough realizations I had this year.

Goals Completed

Pay off student loans
Steady side income of over 2k a month that takes less than 4 hours of work to maintain
Reach 1,000 blog subscribers
Guest blog for 6 reputable blogs
Create and market a digital product
Travel to 2 new countries (China, Peru, Chile, Netherlands, Brazil)
Start an interview series
Drinking 1 less day per month
Create an LLC to write off expenses
Create an event that people love (New York Personal Development Meetup)
Redesign my blog
Go to China to visit one of my best friends while he’s there
Take 2 weekend trips with friends (Jackson Hole, Montauk …
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2013 Goals Report Card

by Scott

It’s time to be publicly accountable!

In November of last year I posted a set of goals for 2013 on this here tablet with the hope that it’d keep me accountable for accomplishing all that I wanted to.

Well it’s halfway through the year and I figured I’d let the team know how I was holding up. But first…

Did posting my goals publicly actually help with progress?

Absolutely. It comes down to understanding the human condition: there’s a theory that we all strive to be congruent and consistent with whatever we say we’re going to do because it signals integrity, a quality which we strive for.

I found this to be absolutely true. I was motivated by my desire to remain consistent with …
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