A Sneaky Hustle Move to Reinforce Your Street Cred

by Scott

I’ve tried this 4 times and I know it’s worked twice…

Having an understanding of how people behave puts you in a unique position to engineer situations so you achieve ideal outcomes…

Today I want to talk about a [theoretical] strategy you can use to further enhance positive feelings people have about you.

Have you ever been introduced to someone and totally rocked the in-person meeting? Feels good right…

In an ideal world, the person you just met reports back to your mutual contact that they got a lot out of the connection (and that you’re cool a badass). You want this to happen because it further supports your street cred and gives the connector a sense of gratification from the value …
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Do More than Be A Great Employee

by Scott

Most young people working at a startup have aspirations of starting their own company some day. If you’re in this camp, I think its important to aspire to more than just being a great employee. Your tenure working for someone else is an awesome time to also familiarize yourself with the unique challenges of starting and executing on something. Gaining insight into what it’s actually like will better prepare you for the day you ultimately go out on your own.

As an employee you often have the luxury of:

   ⁃    Structure: your work starts and ends at a certain time at a designated place
   ⁃    Direction: an understanding of what you’re to accomplish and how to do that
   ⁃    …
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The Biggest Networking Fail

by Scott

If there is one networking virtue I wish I knew earlier in my career it’d be consistency. Tell me if this story sounds familiar:
I go to the Crunchtech Explosion Conference. I meet the contact of my dreams and we end up having an awesome conversation. After exchanging information I send a thoughtful follow-up email. I get a response. I’m so in! Time passes and I thrust myself back into my normal routine.

Months later I realize that the company I’d like to do a partnership with is extremely close to the dream contact I met that day. I want to email him for an introduction request, but it just feels weird. We haven’t talked for four months. I wonder if they …
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