Gumroad, Business Development, and Hustle with Ryan Delk

by Scott

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Delk, head of Growth/Business Development at GumRoad.

Ryan is a stud. I met him 6 weeks ago and could tell immediately that a) he gets it and b) he’s a doer. He was an early employee at GumRoad and dropped out of college to join the team. In their first year, they’ve raised over 8 millions bucks from Silicon Valley’s finest and seen awesome growth in transactions/users.

In this interview we chat about:

What GumRoad is and how it’s changing the way commerce is done online
What Business Development at GumRoad means (like doing deals with Enimem, Ellie Goulding and other cool peeps)
How a little startup can get deals with major record labels and …
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