I’m Reading 850 Books in 2012: Part Two

by Scott

In the first part of this post, I defined inputs and outputs in the context of progressing your career. The main point is that you should consider the degree to which inputs enhance outputs when evaluating how you spend your time. Reading 850 books might sound cool, be fun and make you feel good, but it might not yield the highest return on your time if you looking to become the startup sensai you set out to be.

I think a much more effective way to become a badass is to focus on outputs. Here’s why:

Real Learning and Behavior Change Occurs

Consuming content (inputs) in terms of building skills allows me to familiarize myself with things. I can learn what …
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I’m Reading 850 Books in 2012: Part One

by Scott

Amidst the barrage of publicly broadcasted New Year’s resolutions I’ve consistently noticed the aspiration to read a ton of books. Reading is awesome. I thoroughly enjoy it. But I wonder if the people that are planning to take down a small library this year aspire to do this for the right reasons. This trend is in direct alignment with a pervasive behavior I’ve decided to leave behind in my journey to progress my career.

I like to think about how I spend my time professionally bettering myself in terms of inputs and outputs. 

Input noun definition: something that is put in. In this context, I think about inputs as things I consume ranging from blog posts, …
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