One Approach to Get Hours of Your Life Back

by Scott

I’ve gotten hours of my life back over the past year by borrowing a practice employed by customer service departments.

For whatever reason, people approach me with the same questions over and over again. How do I get a job in business development? How do I get access to the SinglePlatform API? Is it free? How do you break into startups as a non-technical person?

Instead of continually answering these on a one-off basis, one approach to enhance productivity is to create assets that address your life’s F.A.Q. At SinglePlatform, these take the form of PDF’s that address many preliminary questions potential partners may have. Outside of SP, I try to write blog posts or canned email responses about anything I’m continually …
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The Problem With To-Do Lists

by Scott

To Do Lists are great for making you feel productive, but they’re not always an effective way to accomplish your goals or lead your best life…at least the way that I was approaching them.

Until about 2 weeks ago, I always approached to do lists in a linear fashion. I’d prioritize my list by putting the most important and difficult tasks at the top. Few things gave me more satisfaction than drop-kicking tasks off my list one by one until I’d accomplished every single thing I set out to do. Three cheers for feeling productive!

But what I realized is that although this method is very good at helping me to get things done, it doesn’t always lend itself to getting the …
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