Weeklong 3 | Eating Vegetarian

by Scott

This is post is part of my Weeklongs Project.

For the past week I ate a vegetarian diet.

Typically I stick to a paleo/4 hr body hybrid regimen, so the departure from meat wasn’t easy. Pretty much every day looked like the following:

Breakfast: 3 eggs
Lunch/Dinner: Mixed greens salad with veggies and tofu or hummus with a whole wheat pita.

I didn’t notice any significant difference in how I felt. Even if I had, I’m not sure if the sample size of 5 days is long enough to substantiate any conclusions.

The most interesting observation surrounded my discipline allocation. During my normal regimen, I have no problem stiff-arming unhealthy garnishes: cheese, fatty dressing, crackers, those awesome little chips you can put in salads. Saying no …
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