What 100 Posts Has Taught Me About Blogging: Part 3

by Scott

This is the third and final post on things I’ve learned about blogging over the course of 100 posts. Parts one and two focus on continuity and the process. In this post, I want to highlight a few things I’ve learned about content and audiences.

Creating a Destination is Tough

The greatest challenge for anyone looking to cultivate a vibrant content destination is that you’re only as good as the last piece of content you put out. When I first started blogging, I thought that a viral post was all it took to be off to the races. That’s far from the truth. Sure people might venture to your blog that one instance, but that doesn’t mean they’ll ever come back or …
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What 100 Posts Has Taught Me About Blogging: Part 2

by Scott

This post is the 2nd part of series that outlines things I’ve learned post 100 notches on my blogging belt. Pun, anyone?

The first post provided insight into what I’ve learned about continuity and how to avoid heading to the 19th hole after 4 posts. Here I’ll outline the process I’ve arrived at and why I’ve found effective.

Before Writing the Post:

My workflow is heavily reliant upon a moleskin notebook and google docs.

Everywhere besides places I have to wear fancy pants, I carry a moleskin notebook to record ideas, thoughts, and observations. A lot of this serves as ammunition to store in my blogging war chest. Every 2-3 days I review and transfer my notes from my moleskin to a series of …
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Why I Write.

by Scott

I started writing because people told me it was beneficial to cultivate an online presence with a blog. At first, blogging felt like work. But the more I wrote the more I began to enjoy it and recognize its incredible benefits.

 Now I write every single day. I usually try to follow aspects of the artists way and write as soon as I wake up as well as just before I go to sleep. When I feel like others can derive value from what I write, I publish it on my blog. It typically ends up being a 50-50 split between what I choose to publish vs. file away internally. Ironically, maintaining a blog is now merely a positive …
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