A Chat With Dan Shipper: His New Startup and Relationship Building with Top Entrepreneurs

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In the second edition of my new interview series, I have a chat with Dan Shipper. Dan is a co-founder of Firefly and has made a few waves in the tech scene.

dan shipper

In this conversation Dan reveals:

  • The details of his new startup Firefly and where he got the idea
  • Why he decided to shelve his last startup and the biggest lesson he learned
  • A recap on the most valuable lesson he learned from Jason Fried, founder of 37 Signals
  • How he’s started relationships with guys like Gary Vaynerchuk and Jason Freedman
  • Insight into what I call the “horizontal relationship building technique”
  • How he manages his time amidst running a startup and being a philosophy major at Penn

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Show notes:

Clay Christiansen video here

Find Dan on twitter or his blog


Are you a SaaS company that does live customer support with co-browsing? You might want to connect with the team at Firefly to learn how to improve your experience.

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