2013 Goals (Would Love Help)

This list has been adapted from my original post on my 2013 goals which contains the framework I used to establish them.

Note* it does not contain goals for the company I work for as I’d like to keep these private. These are very important to me too.

If you think you can help me achieve one of these in particular, don’t be a strangerHolla at cha boy

Progress Last Updated 5/31

    1. volunteer atleast once a month.(Volunteer gig landed at BRC every other Thursday from 6-9am serving breakfast!)
    2. Drink 1 less day each month. (goal adjusted: Taking the slow climb approach)
    3. Keep a fear journal for an entire month doing and recording something that scares me everyday (Know anyone who wants to get more confident/fearless and is willing to make a $$ investment in themself? – Email Me)
    4. pay off my student loans.
    5. have a steady side income stream of over $2000 a month by year end outside of my day job that requires less than 8 hours of work to create (skillshare, digital products) – $3,558 for June. $3000+ was entirely passive ($12561.4 YTD)
    6. reach 1000 blog subscribers. 778 total subscribers (521 email /257 RSS). 22.52% month over month growth
    7. become a contributing writer for a major publication.
    8. guest blog for atleast 6 reputable blogs. 4 down (lifehack.org, insideview.com, technori.com, teamtreehouse.com)
    9. interview atleast one person a month. 10 down (See all interviews here)
    10. grow hackingnyc to 500 members. 342 members ( 6% growth)
    11. create and market a new digital product. Sleep Hacking – Have More Energy, Spend Less Time in Bed AND Master Gmail to Be More Productive
    12. set up two times a week to have non-essential meetings and strictly adhere to this.
    13. adhere more diligently to my daily planner methodology every single weekday.
    14. take one hour out every week to plan my week and make sure I’m in alignment with my current goals. been good here so far
    15. meditate every day for an entire month. (prob about 70% for May- been using Headspace and it rocks. Going to make this a regular practice)
    16. spend one weekend every 2 months completely unplugged. Completed Jan 18-20, did one day in April. Need to be more diligent
    17. travel to 2 new countries (China, Brazil in Sept)
    18. take 2 weekend trips with friends (Stowe, jacksonhole, Boulder, Montauk this weekend)
    19. joining a team with friends
    20. Start a video interview series
    21. Create an llc that allows me to write off personal expenses Britton Holdings is officially in business!
    22. Start an annual party that benefits charity with friends (1 parties in planning)
    23. Gain 1-2 more professional mentors who have expertise in an area that’s in alignment with my goals
    24. Host a dinner party once every 2 months (Me and Dan Putt are hopefully planning something saweet) I hosted a breakfast get together with my buddy Myles which was fun. Prob making it a regular thing.
    25. Create an event that people love (Personal Development Meetup!)
    26. Crystallize exactly what I’d like to write a book on and start writing it (I know what I want to write a book about!!!!!!)
    27. Speak at a local ted event (establish ideas/frameworks have i come up with that others may not know about)
    28. Read some biographies of people that inspire me
    29. Redesign my personal blog
    30. Go to China to visit one of my best friends while he’s over there
    31. Read a book on the pyschology behind confidence (I think a lot about building something that helps people acheive this)
    32. Get the twitter handle Britton
    33. Create a monthly business development newsletter
    34. Get better at using virtual assistants (Getting good at this! Zitual /Odesk)
    35. Create some content to sell on AppSumo
    36. Create a skillshare class on blog hacks and/or some BD tricks (BD Class on pitching)

New goals added as of 3/1

38. Grow business development Newsletter to 1000 subscribers (604, 15.7% month over month growth)

39. Go to 3 concerts this year. (2 down – Swedish House Mafia, Breakbot)

New goals added as of 4/1

40. Six pack challenge(Really sucked this one up)

New goals added as of 5/25

**My buddy and emerging badass Justin Mares posted his goals and I wanted to steal some. Here’s what I pilfered:

41. Get a mentor in the publishing/writing space

42. Give one talk to at least 200 people