A Favorite LinkedIn Hack

by Scott - 7 Comments

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I’ve been playing LinkedIn like a keyboard this week and thought I’d share one of my favorite LinkedIn hacks.

An essential task when building out a hitlist is identifying the first and last name of the decision maker. I’ll use this information to figure out their email address and have a name to call.

Let’s say I’m trying to connect with an app developer at the NFL. Unless you have a tricked out LinkedIn account, you’ll often run into this….


I need to get Marco’s last name in order to contact him and don’t feel like shelling out a couple hundred bones. A simple trick you can do here is google the target’s name and title as it appears in this profile.



Would you look at that!? The first result is a link to Marco’s public profile which includes his last name.



This LinkedIn Hack always works.

If you’re looking to become a LinkedIn maverick, I highly reccomend you check out the SalesLoft blog. Those guys knock the cover off the ball.


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