An Intentional Approach to Networking Video

by Scott - 6 Comments

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Awhile back I did a presentation to New York’s CTO School about how to bring an intentional approach to networking. Here is the video that accompanies the slides which I previously shared.

The structure of the talk:

  • How to be Helpful to others
  • Developing a Networking Plan
  • Maintaing Your Network


Here are the slides that accompany the presentation.

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6 comments, add to the conversation.

  1. Jonathan Chizick

    Thanks for posting this Scott. I’ve found successes in my career using several of these techniques – they definitely work. You’ve provided me a few great new ideas to try and an important reminder to keep using the tools that worked in the past.


  2. Dipesh Goel

    Great post and video! I’ve never heard of Contactually before, but I plan to use it now. It looks like a very useful tool for networking. Also, the Google spreadsheet seems like a great way to keep track of people I’ve networked with. Are there any mobile apps that you also use or recommend?


    1. ScottBritton

      Thanks Dipesh!

      I honestly haven’t done much exploring in terms of mobile networking apps, but I’m sure there’s a few out there that could be very useful. I use captio to quickly email myself notes on an interaction I can leverage for some point in the relationship building process later, but that’s about it


  3. Angus McNaughton

    Hi Scott,

    I am taking
    your skillshare class and which is how I found this article. It is interesting point you make because it touches on something that I know I am guilty off sometimes (although
    I’m not suggesting you are) and that is procrastination. I also am interested in
    the tech start up world and have a project which I would like to get off the
    ground. I too started to learn how to code and even though I am enjoying it I
    know that is really a form of procrastination as what I really need to do is to meet
    people who are technical with me focusing on the BD side.


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